Trials of Sister Glory


Glory Israel is the first daughter of Rev Paul Uchendu Okoroafor of Assemblies of God Church. Her marriage to Rev Samuel Emetu has hit the rock which has left her to cater for five of their children single handedly for over a year now while the enstraged husband has gone off to marry another wife.

One of their children (Devine-Praise) is a hydrocephalus survivor! He started talking at the age of 2 and started walking at the age of 5. 

Devine-Praise is currently 12yrs old but still in nursery school; as a special child that he is, everything about him is special down to the food he eats and medications. Devine-Praise can no longer receive the special nutrition and medical care his body needs because his mother can no longer meet up being an ordinary class teacher. He is also seriously lagging in education because he can't attend a special needs school. 

Deborah who recently suffered from hot water burns and has been discharged from the hospital to go home and continue treatment and physiotherapy is still in need of certain recommended medications and cream to aid her full recovery. Who will bear the responsibility of all these? Still her mother who is a mere classroom teacher! 

The other children are also there with all of their needs ranging from daily feeding, school fee, clothing, shelter, medication, and so on! 

These children abandoned by their father have now become "umu oha" (children of the public); Glory Israel is calling on well meaning Nigerians to help her cater for her children while preparations are on going to take the matter to court. 

Help Devine-Praise go to a special needs school

Help Devine-Praise get proper feeding and medications

Help Deborah recover fully from hot water burn. 

Help her three other children eat at least once a day and get a decent education!

Please send donations to 

2070149708, UBA, Israel Glory Deborah. 

God bless you as you do this for these children.

I promise to bring you update on the matter as time goes by. 

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