JUKWA ESE (Ask Questions)

If they tell you that it was colonial masters that brought Christianity to Nigeria then they lied to you. The problem is that many young ones don't know history; all these things are available for us to know but we do not want to know. 

The fact that colonial masters are whites and christian missionaries are also whites does not mean that Christian missionaries are colonial masters! For example, Mary Slessor who stopped the killing of twins in calabar, I don't know what part of Nigeria she colonized!

Christianity is all over the world today, are you trying to say that every country of the world was colonized by Ndi-Ocha that's why they have Christianity? 

Christian missionaries suffered to bring the gospel of Jesus to us, they combatted with the gods our forefathers worshipped and won. Our forefathers saw that there own gods were powerless before onyeocha God that was why they dumped their gods to follow Ndi-Ocha God. I told someone that his forefather whom he is trying to fight for will deny him in the after life because he himself left the worship of those gods and with your hands you decided to go back to what he rejected?

In my village my great grand Father Okoroafor was one of the first people to accept Methodist missionaries and after that the cry of a baby was heard in his house for the first time. He named the child Job because of the story of Job; according to him, he has suffered a lot in childlessness. After that he had a second son and named him Israel and the third son he named Iheanyichukwu!

With this history of my great grand father, I will now turn back and say I want to go back and worship the god Okoroafor dumped for Jehovah? I must be so stwepiid if I do so!

Learn to make researches! If your father is a Christian, ask him to tell you the story of how he became a Christian or how Christianity entered your village!

There was a time a king that does not know Joseph arose to challenge his chi 😂...

That is what the youths of this generation is doing now! Jukwa-ese, Christianity is not social club! That amadioha you're trying to wake up back, he has been defeated long ago and even if you succeed to wake him up we will still defeat him again!


  1. There is no any other name given amongst men, that we will be saved. Only the name of Jesus... Na them go tire!!!

  2. Sure!

    But my prayer is that God will arrest them before Satan destroys them