Not a Fight Against our Church - Samuel Emetu's Case

My recent outburst on Facebook concerning the bad state of my elder sister, Glory Israel and her children while her husband is busy cruising has met different reactions; those that feel it's not a social media matter, those that think it's a fight against a man of God, those that think it's a fight against Assemblies of God Church, some say it is "washing your dirty linen outside", and so on and so forth!

I want to use this medium to emphasize that 

1. You don't beat a child and tell the child how to cry

2. The essence of the outburst is to get the attention it's getting now because I believe this attention will draw the audience of our church leaders

3. Assemblies of God Church is my church till tomorrow and I cannot fight my church. 

4. I don't blame the church for the abandonment of the children of my sister but the person that did the so called dissolution of marriage because of the powers granted to him by the church. 

5. This menace was caused by a person in the position of leadership in the church and can be fixed by same church leaders since the ex husband in question is an employee of the church. 

6. Whichever medium I choose to cry out for help is my business and so long as I did not insult anyone, I have not failed any law. You can either support me or keep quiet.

Thanks and remain blessed. 

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