Justice for Mohbad or Hatred for Naira Marley (Loving Haters)


Following the passing of Nigerian singer and sing writer popularly known as Mohbad, tension have been everywhere with lots of people joining the #JusticeForMohbad movement; alleging he didn't die a natural death and demanding that his killers be brought to book!

In the recent twist, those demanding justice for Mohbad have alleged that the child his wife bore might not be biologically his and that the child be brought for a DNA test! Although I'm not a fan of Mohbad because I don't consume his type of music but his passing and the stories of his constant humiliations, intimidations, harassment (of which most were video recorded), and fears really gets to me because I hate to see people being bullied by WHOEVER! I believe in God and God in all of His powers never forces man into His will not to talk of bullying; then why should a fellow man, who do not have the assurance of the air he will breathe the next moment!?

I had condemned the movement asking for a DNA but looking closer at the matter; when the said Mohbad was alive he lived in fear of even his wife. In a video that leaked online, he blatantly accused the lady that if he dies she will be held responsible! I do not know why he would say things as strong as that!

It's obvious he lived his life among people he couldn't trust but he took his life the way he saw it. He loved them strongly despite his insecurities; I have seen several videos of him blushing over his wife, showings how strongly he loved her. His mother who "allegedly" abandoned him with his father still receives favors from him (as seen in the recent video interview she had), his father who has been his all in all is still looking suspicious in the matter because I don't know which father breaks the neck of their dead child so as to make the dead body fit into a coffin when you can just get a coffin the size of the person 😭😭

The young champ was just surrounded by people he couldn't trust, giving out love to people who cared less about him!

My main aim of condemning the DNA on Mohbad's son even though I recently made a post accepting DNA as not an attack on women, is honestly "fear"! Fear in the sense that, what if the child is not his, what happens to his legacy? I believe that all lovers of Mohbad should "let the sleeping dog lie" as pertaining to this DNA matter; I believed that only those who hates him will be calling for this because they want to see that he looses on all ends!

But considering the leaked conversation and all that has happened, omoh, if we really need justice then we should close our emotions and reason with our brains! Everyone is a suspect including his wife, his dad, his friends, everyone around him! What if the wife wanted him dead so that she will transfer the legacy of the this guy to the original dad and ultimately making him loose at the end of the day! We cannot just keep pointing fingers to Naira Marley alone, this is not a battle against Naira Marley but justice for a young man who wanted nothing but love and peace!

My prayer is that he had a last minute reconciliation with his maker, he had a heart too pure for this wicked world!

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