I Stand With Nasir El - Rufai


Some time two months ago, there was a video making rounds on the internet of claims that Nasir El Rufai, the past governor of Kaduna State had said serious things concerning Christianity and rulership in Nigeria. Because I do not like assumptions and propaganda no matter which side I take on any matter, I decided to scout for the original video itself. 

Watching the video made me realize that people were just making a big deal out of nothing! First of all everyone have the right to say anything in promotion of whatever they believe in; El Rufai made strong statements in support of his belief and if you have a problem with that, rather than fault him, make your own in support of your own belief. 

Secondly, El Rufai gave an open support for Muslim - Muslim ticket because he believes that there is righteousness in Islam alone. In his statement he said "gobneti muslunci, gobneti adalci ne"; meaning, the government of a Muslim is the government of righteousness! He strongly believes that only a Muslim can portray righteousness and in other words, Christianity is a religion of people who are loose and behave anyhow they want. 

If El Rufai and other Muslims think this way, who do we blame? El Rufai or Christians?

Thirdly, he went ahead to throw a great challenge to the people of Kaduna State, Kaduna South most especially; telling them to come out and tell him where he didn't serve them well all through his tenure. He said he knew they didn't vote for him yet he treated them well as a good Muslim that he is! 

To this challenge, I was expecting the people of Jaba and other SK regions he mentioned to tell him the areas he didn't treat them well, and rather than refuting his claims, they came out to condemn his support for Muslim - Muslim ticket! 

How many so called Christian governors both past and present can come out boldly to defend the gospel of Jesus Christ so that zealous Muslims like El Rufai will understand what Christianity is really about! As things stands, I rather give El Rufai my money to hold for me that give it to Rochas Okorocha, Okezie Ikpeazu or even Godswill Akpabio that even has "God" attached to his name. 


  1. Israel Emmanuel3 August 2023 at 00:22

    Kai! Hmmmmn! This is actually a factual analysis void of bias.