Chef Dammy; World Record or Publicity?

When Chef Dammy started her cooking contest I knew it will give her no spot on Guinness World Record but can only give her publicity and visibility. 

Breaking Guineas World Record is not about how long you can stay up without sleep to cook, but what you cook within the time. 

Nigerians are strong people and I don't doubt that one can stay even up to one week without sleep but what you do within the time and how you do it is what determines if you get the recognition or not.

Some of the Guiness World Record's requirements for the longest cooking marathon by an individual are:

1. An application by the person who wants to break a record and approval by Guiness World Record.

2. At least two items must be cooked at any time.

3. The weight and name of each food item must be recorded and submitted 

4. Video evidence of the event must be submitted at the end of the everything for the record team to go through and verify your claims.

Chef Dammy did not even submit an application and her claim can not be given attention not to talk of calculating her time or checking the things she cooked. 

So if you have the intention of putting your name down in the Guineas World Record, remember to do it the right way before you waste your strength. 

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