JAMB VS Mmesonma

News hitting the internet this past week showed a school girl that had already gotten the title of best JAMB scorer 2023 brought down from the position. The internet scattered in several opinions as some blamed JAMB for the incidence, some blamed the girl and some blamed the business center where she printed the result out. 

When the whole saga started I was not in a hurry to take sides because I want to have a clearer picture of what is happening before I can know which side to take. Having studied this incidence carefully I have come up with my conclusions:

1. Mmesonma has been carrying a slip that's different from what other students have as their JAMB result sheet yet she claims it's her result and she printed it from JAMB site yet is not bothered that her result sheet is different! 

2. Mmesonma declared herself best JAMB scorer of 2023 instead of the examination body doing the declaration themselves; how did she know the result she is carrying is the highest score? 

3. Mmesonma claimed she printed the result from JAMB's site yet have refused to produce the business center where she printed it from so that the general public and confirm if the mix-up is from the business center or not. 

4. It is proven beyond all doubt that Mmesonma forged her result herself, maybe for jokes but did not know it will escalate to this level. 

5. The action JAMB took against Mmesonma is never an action against ndi - Igbo because the original top scorer is also an Igbo girl from Anambra state too.  

This post is not aimed at speaking bad about a minor but to speak out against wrongs in our society. When the "Happy boys" did their own show and gained the favor of the public I cringed because the society have gone so blind that wrong now look like good in the eyes of many. Now, what's the story of the "Happy boys" today? Lazy boys with no single sense of responsibility! People who want to sleep, wake up and dance and food will be served at their table. 

Nigerians especially ndi-Igbo should not use sentiment to blind their sense of reasoning. Blaming JAMB and awarding scholarships to Mmesonma is giving mischievous youths the go ahead to grow wings in their mischievousness; tomorrow, a greater than Mmesonma will arise!

Mmesonma should be sober, confess to her crime and seek forgiveness from JAMB so as to remove the ban on her. The general public, especially those that have said one thing or the other against JAMB should tender an apology because evil can never rise above good! 

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