As Christians we’re already used to the term “The accuser of the brethren”, and we know who that is Rev. 12:10; but hey, come to think of it, “the brethren” are not the only ones being accused in this Christian faith and race. God is also being accused! 

Christians are being accused daily before our God by the one and only Satan the devil; this same devil that places stumbling blocks before us so that we may fall and then he’ll take the report of our fall to our God (so petty).

He daily works to discredit believers before our God, to point our weaknesses before Him so that he can prove to Him (God) that we are not worthy of His grace. But thank God for the ever resounding sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross that counters his accusations and gives us power to overcome him.

Who is the accuser of God, why is our God being accused, what is He being accused of and to who is He being accused?   

The number one accuser of our God is still this same one and only Satan the devil. He accuses God before His Christians (so petty indeed)! Accusing the Christians before our God and God before His Christians is what the devil does daily as he goes to and fro on earth. He accuses our God by making us doubt Him, misinterpreting the actions of our God to us (all he needs is just one gullible Christian to pay attention to him), raising other humans to fight the word and works of our God and even going to the length of impersonating our God; crazy right?

Someone once asked that why is it there as so many religions and hence gods but only one Satan? The answer is very close by: It is this same devil in his activities of accusing man and God that impersonates the personality of our God, Jehovah the creator, so as to confuse His creation; and this he is tending to achieve except God shows mercy upon His creation and send clarity.

If you really desire clarity from all these menace of the devil; sincerely call out to God the creator to lead and guide you into the appropriate worship of Him, you’ll be surprised with the things He will reveal to you. He is real, He does exist and it is because of Him that the devil has not destroyed the world long ago.

Wickedness, Destruction and taking over are the agenda of the devil for humanity. If the devil begins to whisper stuff into your head to doubt the existence or authenticity of God the creator, wade him off by asking him if he really does exist! Many youths these days have fallen into these lies; they doubt the authenticity of God the creator but they are so one hundred percent sure that juju exists! If juju exists then there must be something as a regulation that’s on the activities of juju else the world would have been in rubbles by now!

God the creator is the only entity the most powerful juju will see and respect itself and you as a human being made in the image of the creator, when you serve the creator in sincerity and appropriately, you carry the same velocity of respect the creator carries before the most powerful juju because He (God) breathes Himself into you.

Serve the Lord in fear, resist the devil and you will conquer everything. 

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