Due to the recent ban of banks dealing with crypto currencies in Nigeria many Nigerians have become stranded with their Bitcoins stocked in their wallets and can't withdraw to their bank accounts as usual forcing them to sell at ridiculously low rates. Some Nigerian exchange sites sell and buy for as low as 22 to 23 million naira whereas the rea price of one Bitcoin as at today 30th April 2021 is above 50million naira. 

I have brought you goodnews on how to sell your Bitcoins for the actual price and retain the value of your sales. 

First of all you need a Skrill wallet. A Skrill wallet is an ordinary mobile money transfer wallet and the registration is free. It receives money in major currencies of the world like Dollars and Pounds and from your Skrill wallet you can withdraw money straight to your Nigerian bank account. 

Use this link to register on Skrill for free so you can start selling your Bitcoins at the real worth:

Now that you have registered on Skrill, next is to have a Binance account. Binance is the world's No. 1 Bitcoin trading platform, it is very reliable, fast and secure. 

Use this link to register for free on Binance and get back 10% of your crypto transactions:

Now that you have registered on Binance you have to get verified by providing your valid means of identification and doing face recognition identification on the site there. Now you can transfer your Bitcoins to your Binace account and trade them on Binace via Peer to Peer trade (strictly supervised by the Binace team) receiving your funds to your Skrill account which you can withdraw straight to your Nigerian bank account.

If you find this information useful kindly share to friends, family and foe! 

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