The Phoneum (PHT) is a new Tron based crypto you can mine with your phone. It is currently valued at about $0.0005 although the price has been really fluctuating in recent times, it has gone from as low as $0.00001 to as high as $0.001 but has maintained a middle level of about $0.005 in the past week.

You can also earn up to 2000PHT from the PHT mining app downloadable from Google playstore and by playing PHT games and PHT earned can be withdrawn to a crypto wallet. Although most wallets don't have PHT currency in their listings the best wallet to trade your PHT currently is the Probit app also downloadable from Google playstore.

Download the PHT app and begin your journey of crypto with zero investment. Use  6n1jp2nj as your invitation code and earn 200PHT instantly. In the mining app you will be introduced to PHT games where you're given the opportunity to increase your PHT earnings.

Some great PHT games you can play and earn PHT are "Crypto Cards" and "Crypto Treasure". Crypto Treasure enables you to earn other Tron based crypto like BTZ, BTT, TRX, and so on.

Download Crypto Treasure at:

Enter same invitation code "6n1jp2nj" to get 200 Gold and 200 XP Bonus instantly!

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