Eternity Gate Keeper (Mummy GO)

Video clips and memes of a particular preacher nicknamed "mummy GO" have filled the internet space lately, telling people what to do and what not to do in order to inherit life eternal or condemnation in hell fire. 

For some time now it looked as if preachers like this went into extinction because there was a time when what was trending was messages from people who had visits to heaven and hell fire until when one of their heroes "Sister Linda" came up with another confession that all she said were lies; confession made in what I'll call "a boastful and unrepentant font". Something she had to do under severe compulsion. 

The only truth in all these messages of these "eternity gate keepers" is that after this life there is a place of rest and reward referred to as "HEAVEN" and a place of punishment and condemnation referred to as "HELL FIRE"! Rev 21:8, 22:14-15; Lk 16:19-31. After that, all they peddle are lies and instead of directing the minds of people to the truth, they distract them from the things that really matter, "The weightier matters of the law"! Matt 23:23. They present themselves as people working for God, but deep down in their hearts they know who they are working for - their master the devil. Rather than preach "Truth", they preach what they preach so that people can go on chasing shadows while being yoked to the real sin and in the process of this, the end will come on them and they miss eternal life! Working for Satan, sending souls to hell.

I know a lady after listening to the message of one of these eternity gate keepers or rather, "eternity distractors" told me that she give up on heavenly race because she knows she can't make it, so no need of trying and failing and denying herself the pleasures of life and still miss "Heaven" on the last day. So she rather enjoy her life to the fullest here on earth and prepare herself for eternal damnation.

My Propietor's wife in the school I did my one year Industrial Training teaching Mathematics and practical Physics had to barb entirely her permed hair after listening to the message of one of them because she does not want to go to "Hell fire"; but was mobilizing teachers who will go to WAEC hall and help students with examination malpractice AKA Chokes or Mbgo. I rejected the offer of going to "Help" the students in the examination hall with my own permed hair 🤣🤣, because I've given the students the best help I could give during WAEC preparations. I went out of my way to get some materials at my own expense and satisfied my conscience that I did my part well 😃. Perming is sin and can take you to hell fire but examination malpractice is not; ok o, kwontinu!!

After all that have been said; what is sin and what is not sin?

No particular dress pattern is sin; what is sin is lust and seduction!

No particular food is sin; what is sin is gluttony! 

No particular hairstyle is sin; what is sin stealing, the spirit of competition, lust and the likes!

Acquiring wealth is not sinful; what is sinful is greed, wickedness and covetousness!

Lastly you don't need a list to guide you into what is sin and can lead you to hell, and what is not. All you need is a sincere and genuine desire for God. Seek God for yourself; pray and read the Bible to understand the mind of God. It's not rocket science, it's practical! Begin it today and you'll be surprised at what God will open your mind to.