“The greatest problem of man is relationship problem” – Myles Munroe; Husband – Wife Relationship, Parents – Children Relationship, Employers – Employees Relationship, Employees – Employees Relationship, Pastor – Member Relationship and so on. When there is a disagreement between two people and they go their separate ways, they go with one grievance or the other which they have for the other person; the both of them feel hurt by each other and feel what he/she has done is the best they could do and the person who is wrong is the other person.

People claim they love peace and tranquility but have practically made little or no effort to embrace it; but it is rather unfortunate that some have openly declared their love for trouble and disunity – this category of people will not find this piece meaningful not to talk of interesting. For people of all caliber and social starter to relate and live in peace and harmony, one virtue is needed – RESPECT!

What is respect? Who should respect? Who should be respected? Who don’t deserve to be respected?

A piece that trended online a certain time said men do not only need a woman who will prepare them good meal or wash their clothes or satisfy them emotionally but a woman that will respect them! Then I ask, who then is it that wouldn’t mind if they are not respected? Women? Or children? Certainly not! Nobody can enjoy any form of relationship with anyone where “RESPECT” is absent and often times this is the reason for troubles, disagreements, chaos and even wars!

The Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary has described the word “RESPECT” thus:
1.       Regard highly, think much of
2.       The condition of being honored
3.       An attitude of admiration or esteem
4.       A courteous expression (by word or deed) of esteem or regard
5.       A feeling of friendship and esteem
6.       Courteous regard for people’s feelings

The last definition caught my attention the most. How can you relate properly with anyone not withstanding how high or low the person might be to you and not have regard for their feelings? Most African parents have lost their children’s love because they feel children should respect their parents alone and parents owe their children no respect. Most employers have lost the loyalty of their employees because they feel it is the duty of their employees alone to show respect. Most broken homes today are as a result of lack of respect either from the wife to the husband or from the husband to the wife. It is very natural for someone to respect someone they value and where they find it difficult to respect them it clearly shows that they are not valued. It is only lord-masters that owe their slaves no iota of respect seeing that they consider them as working tools or equipment but thank God we are no more in that era!

Apart from the fact that “RESPECT” should naturally not be a difficult thing for someone in love, it should not be a difficult thing for any right thinking matured individual! It is the first thing a child learns as they grow; but it is unfortunate that some people choose to throw their own away at some point of their growth and development making them turn out to be disrespectful beastly adults when they grow.

Self respect is another form of respect! Most at times, it is difficult to respect others where respect for oneself is absent. When people have no value for how they feel they are ready to behave anyhow at any point in time and at anywhere they find themselves; and other times the reason for lack of respect is selfishness. Some people care so much for themselves and their feelings alone that they don’t tend to see others.

In any form of relationship, there is no how a person can be highly placed more than the other that they do not need to show respect for others. Respect is not only the duty of the younger to the older; it is the duty of every sensible individual.

Can anyone ever do anything that will make them loose their respect before others? Yes, it is possible; but make sure you don’t be the instrument of disrespect! When people do not respect themselves and tend to behave anyhow, it is better that they keep their madness to themselves than you become an instrument to disrespect them! You don’t have to be animalistic because someone else choose to be; most times, it is better to walk away from some relationships than to remain in them and become beasts: That is a form is self respect!

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