Have you ever come across Proverbs 22:15? It says: “Foolishness is bound in the heart of a child; but the rod of correctiom shall drive it far from him” (KJV)? This  means that it is normal and okay for children to exhibit one form of foolishness or the other but it is not normal for these acts of foolishness to remain in their lives and most of all, it is absurd for parents/guardians to celebrate or get entertained by these acts of foolishness!

For some time now people often post on the internet pictures and videos of children destroying/spoiling valuables or making a huge mess in the house and on themselves or doing one foolish thing or the other and of recent it has become a trend but it is only a decayed generation that will make fun out of the innocence of children rather than correct them like the scriptures above says. What is the essence of reaching for your phone or camera when you should rush and save that child from that foolishness? So that you can show the world that their children are not as foolish as yours?

When we laugh at, make fun out of, or celebrate these foolish acts, we nurture them in the lives of these young ones and most at times we hope that when they grow they will change and automatically act like adults which is a practical impossibility! They will never become matured if they are not nurtured into maturity!

It is true we are in a modern age where we now understand that these children also have emotions and can also be hurt if manhandled but that is not the reason why we should smile at their foolish act and be okay with them because we don’t want to hurt their feelings. We must teach them the difference between good and bad and guide them to becoming responsible children who will turn out to be responsible adults in the future! You came into the house and see that your child has turned everywhere up-side-down and the first thing you do is reach out for a camera? Madam, Oga, you don’t love that your child, you are only interested in your entertainment! God did not give you those children to entertain you, He gave them to you to mould and bring up because you will give account of what you have done with their lives!

It is so unfortunate that the whites we want to be like now raise more responsible animals than responsible children! They raise their dogs and other pets to be responsible but raise their children into foolishness and become entertained by them.

Please don’t join this competition! Resist the temptation to love this kind of entertainment! Foolishness is supposed to be corrected not celebrated!

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