A Tribute Women All Over The World!

Gone are the days when she was just an object of pleasure and can be used as an entertainment and/or in exchange for the man's security, just as seen in Gen 19:8 and Judges 19:24.

Gone are the days when she marries just for the purpose of being a source of satisfaction and pleasure to the man; she now marries for the purpose of destiny fulfillment, that's why she can't marry a man whose purpose she can't be relevant to!

Gone are the days she casts her desires on her husband and he rules over her because she has realise that that was a curse: Gen 3:16! She now casts her burdens upon Jesus and He rules over her and her household while not downplaying the role of her husband as her head and leader! He (Jesus) also blesses the works of her hands and she is a contributor in her home!

No! She will not return to those days because she also has been redeemed by the blood of the Lamb, she has accepted redemption through the second Adam! She is not a property, she is not for sale and she wants her man to realise that!

She will respect her man but also desires to be respected, Eph 5:21; she does not have a heart of steel therefore she also gets hurt! She wants her man to put in as much commitment into their lives as he requires of her and treat her as he would want her to treat him!

She rejects the life her mothers lived in and say no to the kind of treatment they received! She says "No" to modern day slavery because she has decided to be a slave to Christ alone! She is not a object of pleasure and satisfaction, she also dreams and have great ambitions!

Gone are the days when she is locked up in obscurity and must not be heard but only seen!

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