Many people do not understand why Abiola's election was annulled.

Many of us think it was "Maradona" Ibrahim Babangida that of his own volition annulled it. Yes, even he himself still thinks it was he that did it.

Here is why Abiola's election was annulled.

The year was 1985; the place was University of Nigeria Nsukka; the event was a conference organized by NIFES; life witnesses that I can still remember, apart from myself, were Rev. Hosea Suwa, Rev. Gideon Mallam.

In this conference during a particular morning worship session, there were two prophetic utterances. The first one concerning the persecution that was going to come on Christians in Northern Nigeria, and the second concerning Abiola. Here are the prophecies almost as verbatim as I can remember.

1. "Fire, fire, fire in Northern Nigeria, burning the children of God!"
(The Church in Northern Nigeria have gone and are still going through fire.)

2. "Abiola, Abiola! I the LORD  have called you several times to return to the faith you have forsaken but you would not. Therefore I the Lord will lift you high for the world to see, and from there dash you to the ground and you will break into pieces such that no man can mend. The reed on which you lean is a broken reed and it will pierce into your hands; Thus says the LORD!"

(Then came 1992, Abiola contested election and I believe he won. But something happened: the election was annulled before the results were announced. He declared himself president elect and that landed him in prison. Just one day to his release, he died mysteriously. We see that he was lifted up indeed for the whole world to see; but according to the word of prophecy, he was dashed down and was broken into unamendable pieces.)

So when PMB seeks to amend what God by prophecy destroyed, I can only fear for him, because he has placed himself in direct opposition to God of prophecy.

As for those of you who are clapping for him, be careful oooo.

Pls, let anyone who was in this Nsukka NIFES Conference confirm this testimony.
NC Shadrach

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