Mmezi (Queen Of Queens)

It was time for the crowned prince and heir apparent of the throne of Umudim to take a bride and efforts have been made by the king and queen to hook him up with the daughters of their friends and allies but all to no avail. They all looked fake to him and he wanted a humble and real woman who will love him for who he is and not because of the throne. His parents even approved him to take a bride from the daughters of the land and promised to even hold a contest for him so he could select the one befitting him but he would not give his consent.

He later moved to the northern part of the country to further his education despite the pressure from his parents to take a bride so he could be crowned king of the land since his father the king was sick and at the point of death. During his stay in the north, he met a young elegant and determined and successful lady called Mmezi; this was the same Mmezi in the story "Ukamaka"!

Mmezi was a speaker in a seminar the prince had attended. What drew his attention to her was a little story of herself and her mother that she used as a case study during her presentation. He was also thrilled that she was an Igbo girl as well as he is. He did not hesitate to take down her contact details when she gave them out for ease of contact after her presentation.

Using the details given, the prince located her at her office: he went as a post graduate student who would want to make research on his project. Since the project he was working on was related to agriculture, Mmezi picked interest in it and offered to help him in any way he needed her help.

It was at the course of their research that both Mmezi and the prince found out that they were both from the same village but he did not tell her yet that he was the prince. Knowing that Mmezi was from his village made the prince fall in love with her and asked for her hand in marriage. At first Mmezi rejected his proposal because marriage was not what she wanted at that time as she has lots of things she would want to achieve in life before talking about marriage but her mother encouraged her to go ahead and accept the prince's proposal if she loves him.

While all these were going on, the king of Umudim passed away and message was sent to the prince to return and take a bride within fourth days or forfeit the throne of Umudim. The prince was glad that he had already found a bride and he immediately started to make plans to return home with his fiancée and officially get married but he did not know how to brake it to Mmezi and her mum that he was the prince since he had already lied to them in the first place that he was from another family just because he wanted someone who will love him not for his throne. He decided to allow things unveil for themselves.

The d-day came, the whole village was waiting for the return of the crowned prince and their future king with his bride. Mmezi's uncles, the ones who asked she and her mum out were also there, her step brothers were there too. They all knew that it was their daughter and sister the prince was getting married to because he had already sent message, so they will get prepared because her bride price will be paid on that day. It was only Mmezi and her mum that were not aware of the huge thing ahead of them.

On arrival to the village, Mmezi saw the crowd that came to welcome them and the great reception they came with, she was thrown off balance and asked her fiancé what was going on. It was at this point that he knelt down and told her the truth. He pleaded with her not to love him less, that he only did it because he needed true love and commitment. He even promised that she don't need to stay in the village if she needed not to because of her job. As expected, she angrily and confusedly left the place to a small farm land close by where she could stat and clear off her head.

At the end of it all, she agreed to marry him and the ceremony was held just that it was delayed by 24hours. There was enough to eat and drink and even take home.

How Mmezi managed her duties as the CEO of her company and the queen of Umudim is a story for another day. Stay tuned!

The End!

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