Today (yesterday) in Edo state, Nigerian soldiers, drove a Honda vehicle with plate number AP 641 KTN, to a community where the local Vigilante was holding some Fulani terrorists pending the arrival of the Police to pick them up. And what did the Soldiers do?
They opened fire on the Vigilante and killed one of them named Efe Igbinovia and went straight to where the Fulanis were held and released them all.
Case closed!
Edo state police Boss, Mr Johnson Kokumo, already confirmed this report.
Please check the comment section for link.
On Tuesday in Cross River State, men of the Nigerian police force killed a man over controversy that arose between the Police and the community following the complaint by the Fulani herdsmen that the community killed ONE of their cows LAST YEAR.
A Cow! One fucking cow for fucking sake! Reportedly killed last year! Your own Police Force took the life of someone's father, Uncle, brother and husband over a fucking Cow.
Cross River State Police PRO, Irene Ugbo, already confirmed this. Please check the link in the comment section.
Two days ago, I was a guest in a Radio programme on Star FM, MiTV complex, Alausa, Lagos and when the issue of herdsmen killing came up, I categorically told everyone listening that the Muhammadu Buhari led govt is criminally complicit in the herdsmen harvest of blood going on all over the country. I cited numberless instances that clearly show that the Buhari govt is not only complicit in the killing, it is actually the one hiding behind herdsmen and cows to carry out a demonic ethno-religious supremacist agenda founded by Uthman Danfodio.
Let me quickly add this:
The only difference between members of the Nigerian security agencies and the Fulani terrorists is just a matter of nomenclature. The name! Nothing more. They are one and the same. Plus, they are united in pursuit of one devilish goal and you can be sure, it has absolutely nothing to do with your protection.
Heed section 33 of that Apertheid manual masquerading as the 1999 constitution and activate Self Defence.
Your life is yours to protect and defend. And your law book recognizes Self Defense as a FUNDAMENTAL HUMAN RIGHT.
If Mr Okafor, Baba Tunde and Danladi, all have the same weapon these Fulani terrorists have, everyone, including the compromised sectional security Agencies, will respect each other.
You have no govt in the real sense of the word. What you have as a govt is a bunch of conscience-less Barbarians who will stop at nothing in achieving their demonic aim of conquering, owning and enslaving us all.

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