My Better Half! (Episode 1)


That Saturday morning, Pastor Tony decided to take little sleep after the Friday's "Night of Recovery". God was so gracious in the program, lots of miracles were recorded both from members of his congregation and from those watching online; he is a very privileged man to be uses by God in his generation.

Not long into his sleep, he heard the door bell rang. "Thank God the children are back from holidays, mama and Rose are also around" he said yo himself as he turned to go back to his sleep. Next, he heard a knock on his door, "who could that be?" He whispered to himself, wishing the person should just go away and let him sleep a little; but the knock will not go away.
"Who is there?" He said

"Brother it is me" Rose his younger sister answered.
He had to overcome his desire for sleep go see what would make Rose come to wake him up knowing what stress he had been through during the night - whatever it was, it has to be very serious.
"Could it be a message from the hospital?, does the doctor want to speak to me concerning my wife's health? Could her health be improving, or not? Maybe it is improving, maybe the doctor wants to tell me she has been miraculously healed. Maybe God has finally done it after the " Night of Recovery": all these he thought to himself as he got up to get the door.

"Brother, Bishop Fred is here to see you" said his younger sister in a low tune.
"Bishop? I am not expecting him. I hope all is well, he has never come without informing me, he would have just asked me to come - he said, although not expecting any response from Rose.
"Where is he?" He then asked.
“He is I the sitting room” Rose replied.
“Ok, lead him to my study; I’ll be with him in less than five minuites”. He said to Rose

Meanwhile, Bishop Fred is Pastor Tony’s papa, his father, his feather, his ladder, his spiritual instructor, his mentor; a man he respects so much and whose anointing has rubbed off on him. He is the only one that can scoled him, he instructs him too. Pastor Tony will not take any major decision of his life without without seejing Bishop’s approval except the decision to marry Nkechi his first love. Bishop Fred said he do not think Nkechi was God’s perfect will for Tony even though Nkechi was a godly girl – that was the ponly instruction of Bishop that Pastor Tony never took. Nkechi and pstor Tony have been married for eight (8) years now; God has blessed their union with a boy and two girls, although not without some little misunderstanding which Bishop has been there to intervene. On a scale of 1 to 20 of good wives, Pastor Tony will place Nkechi his wife on scale 7 because to him her naggings took away the remaining 3, but he loves her anyway and can put up with her naggings; but to Rose his sister, Nkechi is number 11 on  a scale of 1 to 10 . Nkechi has been to Rose a sister she never had. Mama Tony will always say “Nkechi is a gift to me”, she calls her Nkem.

“Whatever that will make Bishop leave Kano to come see me in Enugu must be a very serious issue, I have to go see him quickly” Pastor Tony said to himself; But he was scared it’s not something he would say “No” to. The first and only time Bishop came to see him unannounced was when he came to tell him he is sure God was not leading him to marry Nkechi, but of cause he blatantly rebelled, and he don’t seem to be regretting it; maybe Bishop was not right in Tony’s choice of a life partner, maybe Bishop can’t be right in everything, that’s why he is not God; all pastor Tony has to d is to make sure he aligns every instruction of Bishop to the leading of his inner peace and the word of God.

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