Why do people hardly stay married but they can live together as friends for as long as they want?

Question of the day:

Why do people find it difficult to stay married but they can live as boyfriend and girlfriend for as long as they want.

Story reference:

(Stories are true life stories but the names of the people may be changed)

Joe, a popular Nigerian entertainer once said he would not want to get married now because he wants to focus on his career for now. He said he would like to be a committed father so if he gets married now that he is facing his career, he would not give quality time to his family. But fortunately or unfortunately, Joe has two children by two different women and he is presently in a relationship. Why is Joe afraid of marriage?

Kingsley and Amaka were friends for over 7yrs and lived together for 5yrs. Kingsley finally decided to make his union with Amaka official when Amaka became pregnant for him but in less than two years after their wedding they broke up, even though they now have a child. What went wrong? Have the people who have been living as couples for five years not known each other enough to continue to stay as man and wife forever?

Why are people afraid of marriage even though they are in intimate relationships? Why are people afraid of the tag MARRIAGE?

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  1. In relationships there are lots of pretence, no matter how long it lasts, but once they get married, may feels he or she is going nowhere no so they show there real self.