Assemblies of God Church Chapel Olive groove branch celebrates AG National men's day.

Yesterday the 10th of September 2017 was the Assemblies of God Church National Men's day and the men of AG chapel Olive groove branch, Enugu, were not left out.

The celebration began the day before yesterday with a football match between the men of AG chapel and AG Asata all in Enugu state; at Liberty Estate field, Hypotenuse to SPAR shopping mall, Enugu.

The match began with 11 AG chapel players and 9 AG Asata players. Hopes were down for the Asata men as they look much older than the Chapel men and they were small in number.

AG Chapel men had good ball possession at first and the first half ended with a goalless draw.

During the second half, AG Asata men were able to get two more players to complete and the match became tougher. The men of Asata later scored a goal by a free kick and the match later ended with 1 goal from the Asata men and no goal from the AG Chapel men.

After the match on Saturday, Sunday service was great. The activities of the day ranged from a 10mins word charge from Barr. Goodnews Nwaigwe, praise and worship session; did I forget to say that the men can sing like there is a pipe in their throats! They did a talk show on the topic "Multiple streams of income", there was drama and to crown the whole thing up, the men went to market to prepare Egusi soup and vegetable soup! They tried sha!

The Sunday program continued with a couples get together at Oakland Hotel Enugu later in the day. The event was full of fun and lots of things to eat

See photos below.

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