Amara Van Lanre: The doctor who can not treat herself!

The relationship doctor who can not treat her own relationship is no other person but the popular Amara Van Lanre!

Amara Van Lanre, relationship coach, who is popularly known on social media for her generous advice and counsel to people concerning their relationships ranging from husband to wife and vice versa, boyfriend to girlfriend and vice versa, mother to children, children to parents etc has finally hit the rock maritally.

The relationship coach took to her Facebook page yesterday to declare that her second marriage has hit the rock said she would no longer be married to Mr Van Lanre by 16th of October and she does not want her fans to ask her what happened and that she is still able and gallant to treat everyone's question(s) as regards to their own issues as she urges them to keep bringing it on!

Is Amara Van Lanre qualified to be a relationship coach? I think she can help other relationships but not marital!

See photo below!

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