Staff Of Transmission Company Of Nigeria Got Electrocuted Over Spanner

During the late hours of yesterday a staff of the Transmission Company of Nigeria in Kano State got electrocuted by 330,000 Volts electricity.

After the days job, electricity was restored immediately as the feeder was a high priority one that feeds the state government's house.

The deceased forgot his spanner on the top of the Current Transformer where they just finished working. He reached out for the spanner with a naked aluminium conductor strand that was close by not knowing that the line has been restored since under every normal circumstance, restoration was not supposed to have been done by that time, just that the line was a priority one.

He immediately was grounded and burnt alive by the furious high voltage.

The entire staff and management of the region have been in mourning mood and the corpse has since been buried according to the Muslim law. May his soul rest in peace

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