Hausa Fulani Man Almost Killed In Enugu

On Thursday 29th June was a heavy one for the people of Ameachi community in Awkunanaw Enugu State as a group of Fulani herdsmen and their cows invaded the farmlands of the people of the community as they always do.

The villagers this time around refused to run away but stood as one a chased away the cows from their farms, while the pursue was going on one of the herdsmen took out a knife to attack the people who were chasing their cows; but the people came out en-mass and overpowered the herdsman who probably was their leader. Seeing that their leader has been overpowered the other herdsmen took to their heels as well as their cows.

The man who was overpowered was beaten to stupor and sent out of the community as it was not the intention of the villagers to harm him. They only want their crops to be safe.

Please the government should organise a class for Fulani herdsmen, teaching them the difference between grass and crops! The economy is too hard, even one corn stalk is too precious to loose to cows!

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