There is a sense in which it can be argued that the Buhari govt has indeed recorded what can be rightly termed paradoxical achievements. Not only has it helped set some of our history straight (like the twisted history of Muhammadu Buhari fighting corruption between 1984-85), it has opened our eyes to the fact that most of those we call Patriots are in fact morally treasonous Shylocks who are of a very distant relation with the words Patriotism, integrity and of course, common sense.

For instance,

We now know that the Buhari myth is what it has always been - a myth; one that has since been completely shattered beyond recognition. The Daura lifeless one has been fully and conclusively exposed as a generational human tragedy.

We now know that the #OneNigeria slogan is a poorly crafted fraud built and sustained over the years with that black liquid substance called oil. Every single lie we've been using to sustain the #OneNigeria slogan, Buhari has simply destroyed them all and magnified the lie to such a level where even the blind can now see it for the lie that it is. The inability of the intellectually unfortunate lanky ex soldier (Buhari) to diplomatize his ethno-religious irredentism is one thing I should consider an honest evil here.

 We now know that the #OneNorth slogan is another lie. The North has never been one. The #ScionsOfDanfodio only treats the whole North as one when they want to use Northern Christians and other Minorities to achieve some dark aim. Well, this little lie just got bursted by the emergence of Buhari as President. The govt-sponsored Fulani herdsmen murderous indiscretions just solved that confusion.

By opposing a dictator (Abacha) only to turn around to almost single-handedly foist an even more deadly dictator (Buhari) on Nigerians, we now know that Bola Ahmed Tinubu is neither a Patriot nor a Democrat but a common political merchant who would waste no time in seeing Nigeria burn if only the ashes could gift him with more coins and gold.

We now know that in the 21st century 2018, some Igbo, Yoruba and Niger Delta politicians from the APC stock could still be mentally kwashiokored enough to be promised the 2023 Presidency ALL AT THE SAME TIME by one man who has proven his deep seated hatred for their respective peoples.

We now know that some very senior Nigerian lawyers didn't chose to be lawyers because they want to GENUINELY serve in the temple of justice. Quite the contrary, very reasonable percent of them went to law school just so they could acquire the skills to make money even if it means subverting the course of justice. Most importantly, the Buhari presidency has proven that being a lawyer DOESN'T NECESSARILY make one a learned person. Most Nigerian lawyers are over-rated. Some of them got into law school with forged WAEC result, even. Chief Okoi Obono-obla is a good example. In a saner clime where merit has meaning, some Nigerian so called SANs would be doing agboro work somewhere in Ochanja market. Look Prof. Itsa Sagay for instance: he is such an authority in contract law that most Nigerian lawyers today had to read his books in their journey to lawyerhood but the same Prof Sagay publicly told us that it didn't matter that Kemi Adeosun forged her NYSC exemption certificate. A SAN who doesn't understand that forgery is a crime anywhere in the world, is that one a SAN??

We now know that our Constitution is nothing but an apartheid document which can be abused and trashed by the President with absolutely no consequences. President Buhari has not only repeatedly violated the damn book, he has equally treated both the judiciary and the parliament with crude disdain and gone scot-free.

We now know that both the Nigerian Bar Association, the Nigerian Labour Congress, the Civil Society Groups and the opposition PDP are just an assemblage of lifeless bodies more useless than a flaccid penis.

The NBA sat back and allowed a democratically elected President destroy the grund norm of their profession without any challenge. The NLC and Civil Society groups were even more shameless in their complicity. On its part, the PDP has proven its uselessness beyond doubt unlike the then opposition APC which used the ChibokGirls saga and corruption to successfully paint the then ruling PDP as an ear sour. Now, we've had the herdsmen ethnic cleansing with clear evidence of APC govt complicity. We've had the DapchiGirls abduction with the APC govt proving it has a working political intercourse with the Boko boys. We've had brain rebooting cases of industrial-scaled massive corruption, yet, the PDP has woefully failed to maximize any of the aforementioned opportunities, to their eternal shame.

Most importantly, the Buhari presidency has proven that Nigeria was fundamentally structured NEVER to work and will sooner than later collapse under the weight of her internal contradictions and numberless injustices unless we restructure to enthrone merit, justice, equity and fairness or we peacefully break up to allow each of the peopleS live the way they were living before the white men came with their pernicious enterprise called Colonization.

In the end, no one can fool us anymore with some trashy talk of Buhari's integrity, how he could have fought and eliminated corruption or how he would have been a no nonsense leader. We have all seen that the man is not even fit to preside over his own life.

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