Who Knows Tomorrow

The marriage of queen Mmezi and King Emeka has been blessed with only one child - princess Amaka! Nwaamaka has grown to become a very beautiful and intelligent girl admired by every young man in the land, other young girls envied her. 

Her beauty and intelligence has attracted her to prince Odogwu, the prince of Okanga community. Okanga community is a village very close to Umudim, when Umudim community abolished the Osu caste system because of the government order, they pretended to have abolished it too but they still stigmatize secretly. their Igwe and his wife are one of the strict believers in the Osu caste system. when the lolo and igwe of Okanga discovered their only son's closeness with with the princess of Umudim they were not comfortable, and fought hard to separate them.

their main reason was not only that the people of Umudim has now embraced the cursed Osu people as part of them, but that their queen is from the linage of the Osu people which means the so called friend of their son is relating directly with an Osu; this is so unimaginable!

The relationship between the prince of Okanga and the princess of Umudim was not a problem to Mmezi and her husband until princess Nwaamaka became pregnant. Although it was no more a taboo in the land of Umudim for a young girl to get pregnant outside marriage since their king and queen are civilized people and have abolished many taboos they considered to be outdated and have no legal backing, but it was shameful for the admired and envied princess of the land to get pregnant outside marriage; her parents have to send her abroad until she put to bed a bouncing baby boy. 

Although Igwe Emeka needs a son to succeed him and his wife has not been able to bear him another child since after she bore Amaka, he was willing to give the child to the king and queen of Okanga despite the advice from his council members to keep the child as his successor, but the funny thing is that the king and queen of Okanga were not interested in the child; they called it an Osu child, a cursed child. they threw away the messenger who came from king Emeka to give them the message, they even almost got him killed. they were serious when they said they are not interested in anything that has to do with the land of Umudim.

At this time, the pressure they gave their son made him have no other option than to forget about Amaka, he felt it was not worth that much trouble, he never knew his parents could attack him that much and he would not want to be separated from his family because of a girl. He was convinced that family is one, but a wife can be found anywhere at anytime.

King Emeka now decided to keep the child as his own, he felt it was the gift of God to him since he has not been able to have another child and was not interested in having a second wife. The little child was now crowned the prince of Umudim village, prince Emeka jnr. After the crowning ceremony, king Emeka sent his daughter and grand son back to the United States of America so that the crowned prince could be brought up the best possible way. 

Not too long after prince Odogwu's decision to forget about Amaka and his child at Umudim community, he fell sick and died. Now the king and queen of Okanga no longer have an heir to their throne and the kingship will be transferred to another family any moment the king passes away.

have you now seen why it is not good to do evil because no one knows tomorrow!

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