Yesterday, we were greeted with yet another tragic report that the Fulani terrorist herdsmen have killed over 200 people mostly women and children in 11 communities in Plateau state in another round of govt-sponsored ethnic cleansing throughout the non-Caliphate rest of Nigeria.

Beyond expressing outrage over this genocide, it is of utmost importance that we fully understand what we are up against.

But first, ask yourself....

HAVE THE SO CALLED FULANI HERDSMEN EVER ATTACKED ANY FULANI OR MUSLIM DOMINATED AREA EVEN ONCE???? Check out the areas they attack in Adamawa, Zamfara, Kaduna, Taraba etc, these are all Christian/non-fulani dominated areas. Please, don't take my word for it. Do your findings.

What is happening in Plateau, Adamawa and other non-Caliphate part of Nigeria IS NOT killing by some ragtag Cattle rearing group known as Fulani herdsmen.

What is happening in Nigeria is A FULL BLOWN FULANI JIHAD fully initiated, implemented and sustained by the man masquerading as our President and all his Service Chiefs who are virtually all Fulani Muslims.

This genocide is simply about actualizing the dream of Danfodio. Simple and short!

President Buhari and his Security Chiefs are not here to protect Nigerians. They are here to kill, to rob and to destroy all the non-Caliphate rest of Nigerians IN FURTHERANCE OF THE DREAM OF DANFODIO.

We are not dealing with a President who is simply incapable of protecting Nigerians. We are dealing with a conscienceless JIHADIST who is here to execute a full blown Jihad against the Non-Caliphate rest of Nigerians.

The security agencies are deeply, deeply involved in this genocide. This is the main reason they were carefully chosen from a particular region and religion.

This Jihad is the real reason Buhari spent 12 solid years contesting for the Presidency.

For those of us still far removed from this genocide, rejoice not. They are coming for all of us including this writer.

When you are dealing with an international Jihadist army who happens to have taken full control of your govt and her security Agencies, the basic two steps towards your salvation are

(1) To truly understand the real nature of what you are dealing with.

(2) To do all you can to take away govt power from the Jihadists. This is the most important step because as long as the Jihadists are in control of your govt, they will kill and maim you and still use govt power to get Rogue Media Houses and soulless Journalists to twist the narrative to the outside world and frame the genocide as mere "FARMERS/HERDSMEN CLASHES. That way, the Jihad will be seen as a case of two fighting between farmers and herdsmen.

Whatever happens, these uncircumcised, modernity-loathing Barbarians occupying our seat of power and security positions MUST BE STOPPED before they send us all into extinction.

Buhari must not be allowed to secure a 2nd term. If he is returned in 2019, no part of this country will be spared. They will visit other currently untouched part of Yoruba land and for reason of self preservation and intestinal consideration, their politicians like Tinubu, Osinbajo etc will see no evil and say no evil as they did when Ile-Ife was invaded.

They will move from Benue and establish base in Igbo land and their politicians like Okorocha, Umahi, Ngige etc will blame IPOB for the killings and gift Buhari with another chieftaincy title.

Folks, we are all in this shit together. And our towns and villages are already surrounded. We can either map out ways of stopping these barbarians or we all die one by one.

Charles Ogbu

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