Indeed, the Daura Tyrant is so predictable.

According to the "Daura" security service (DSS), distinguished Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe is being detained for.............

Wait for it

Aiding and supporting a proscribed group, (IPOB) And gun running.

Meanwhile, this same Abaribe is to appear in court on 26th of this June which is just 3 days away in connection with his surety for Nnamdi Kanu but Buhari and his goons have proven once again that they don't give a damn about your so called laws.

 Recall that Nnamdi kanu was to appear in court on October 2017 only for the army to invade his house on September just few weeks to his court date, killing dozens and disappearing him. Remember again that assuming without conceding that the IPOB leader violated his bail term, it is still a legal sacrilege for the prosecution to resort to self help as they did. The legal thing would have been to go back to the same Judge who granted him bail and convince her, with their evidence of course, that the accused has violated his bail term. With unimpeachable evidence, even a baby Judge would revoke Kanu's bail but because we are dealing with a Jihadist who has no time to diplomatize about his evil plan, he chose the military option. And because we have a Judiciary and a woman Judge that is far removed from justice and fairness, the Judge had refused to "discipline" a prosecuting authority which went rogue and subjected rule of law to bottomless ridicule.

Now, Abaribe has joined the list.
Next is Senator Ike Ekweremadu.
 Before now, it was Senator Shehu Sani who was accused of aiding armed robbers and was almost arraigned but for the public confession of his supposed accuser.
We've had Senator Dino Melaye accussed of aiding bandits.
Senator Bukola Saraki was accused of giving guns and a car bearing a plate number customized with his own name to armed robbers who massacred his own people.

Ask yourself, the death that killed Alhaji, what will it do to Almajiri??

Ask yourself, if Buhari could be this ruthlessly tyrannical even when he is yet to secure a 2nd term, what will he do when he finally gets the 2nd term and has no business with the electorates anymore?

At this point, there is one obvious but uncomfortable truth every Nigerian must come to term with:

The man we have in Asorock is a certified Jihadist who is here PURPOSELY to wage jihad against Nigeria and her democratic institutions.  Jihad and democracy are two parallel lines. The people who criticize the daura ex-treasonous dictator from a democracy stand-point are missing the point big time. He is here to destroy democracy, not to protect it. Those who say he is incompetent are equally wrong. One can't be said to be incompetent at what he is not doing.

If we fail to fully understand Buhari's mentality and mission and start seeing and analyzing his actions and inactions through the Jihadist lens, we will collectively be treated to a fate so cruel that even death would be too kind a fate for us all.

Charles Ogbu

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