You Are Loved All The Same

Aunty Kemi has been a single mum for over fifteen years, the love she had for her hudband made her stay unmarried even after his death, she remain single and cared about her only daughter and her carrier.

Aunty Kemi had done really well for herself in Ondo State where she lived with her daughter Titi. She is so successful in her carrier as she lives comfortably with her daughter; at least she could afford to buy anything they wanted.

One day her daughter made a request she could not grant. Titi requested for 150,000 naira to join her university school mates in an excursion from Ondo to Enugu state but at that time aunty Kemi was broke because she had done a major investment which returns was still yet to come. She tried her best to exlain to Titi why she cant give her the money at that time but Titi's heart was already set on going for that excursion; afterall, she always had whatever she wanted, she dont know why that day would be an exemption, but she pretended to her mother that she understands and has accepted not to go to the excursion.

Later that day after her mother had gone out for a business meeting, Titi decided to help herself take the money from her mother's room since her mum leaves her room's door open always because she has nothing to hide from her. Titi said to herself "i dont know why mummy doesn't want to give me this money when i know that only one gold chain can solve my problem".

She went straight into her mother's room and took out the most beautiful gold necklace from her mother's gold box, she wanted the one she is sure to sell for not less than the 150000 naira she wanted but fortunately or unfortunately for her, Ibro the gateman sighted her from the window taking the gold necklace from a box but did not understand what was happening.

The next morning as aunty Kemi was preparing for work, Titi noticed she looked like someone looking for something, and truely she was looking for her gold chain. She actually thought to sell the chain and give the money to Titi so she can go for the excursion like her mates. Aunty Kemi loves buying pure original gold jewelries not only because she likes to wear them, but she uses it as a means of savings.

She then had no option than to ask questions because she has never had that kind of experience before and the financital worth of tbe gold is too much to overlook. She first asked Titi who quickly denied having the knowledge of what her mother was talking about. She had no option than to ask Ibro; although her question looked foolish but she had to ask anyway.

Ibro's denial of knowing anything about the chain made her confused the more. She felt maybe God do not want Titi to go for the excursion that's why she could not find the chain that has always been in the box with other jewelries so she stopped looking for it

Later that day, Titi was going out and Ibro stopped her by the gate. He asked her about the shinny thing he saw her remove from a box in her mother's room and she denied. Ibro now said since she is denying that he'll have to tell her mother what he saw so that she'll take it up from there, then Titi became humble and began to beg Ibro. Ibro decided to use that situation as an opportunity.

Ibro asked Titi to comply to all he asks her so that he won't have to tell her mother. Since that day, Ibro's portion of meat during meals stepped up significantly because of his deal with Titi, he spoke to Titi as he like and even began to call her by her name instead of "small madam" as he used to call her before. The humiliation got so bad that he even started asking her to sleep with him. He promised her that if she sleeps with him that he'll not ask her for anything again.

It was at this point that Titi became fed up with the whole thing. She said to herself that is it because of gold I could not even sell for up to 90,000 naira that I have become a slave to Ibro in my own mother's house? She wept all through the night that her mother could hear her sob in her room. Her mother who have always loved her child with her own life had to cut short her sleep to know what made her only child cry that bitterly.

When she knocked on Titi's door, Titi quickly cleaned her tears and tried to pretend she was not crying but when she opened the door, her mum could see the redness of her eyes and heaviness of her voice, it was no doubt that Titi could not pretend enough. "Titi, omomi, what is the problem?" Her mother asked with great concern and heaviness in her own heart; "why are you crying, kilode, tell me, I'll try my best to fix the situation no matter what it is" she added. These words broke Titi down as she wept even louder that Ibro could hear from his gate house.

Titi, falling right at her mother's feet with her both hands held by her mum began to confess. "Mummy I'm sorry, I'm a liar and a thief and now I've made myself a toy in Ibro's hands" she said while crying like a birth child. "What are you talking about? Ibro, the gateman, what has he done to you? Talk to me" her mother said. "Mummy, I was the one who stole your gold" Titi responded; her mum quickly threw her hands away in shock. "I was desperate, I wanted to attend the excursion by all means, even though I could not go again because I could not sell it up to the amount I needed" she added. "How much did you sell it?" Her mother asked: "90,000 naira", she responded. "Hey! This girl has killed me! Omomi, why would you do that, you are too fast, you are too too fast! I was looking for that same chain go sell it so that you can attend the excursion. That chain is worth 270,000 naira, and you wasted my money because of your foolishness. I bought that gold 180,000 when you were very little. Titi why, why have you done this why? I always answer promptly to your requests with the exception of none, I have lived my life to give you the comfort you desire; just this first time I delayed and you have done this to me? Have I done wrong for always being there for you? Maybe I should have refused you some things when you were growing up, maybe this occurrence would have been prevented" her mother lamented. "I'm sorry" was the only thing Titi kept saying. She said more than 100 "I'm sorrys" while her mother lamented.

"So how does this concern Ibro? Is he an acomplist? You shared the money together right?" Aunty Kemi asked; "no mum, he saw me take the gold and since then he has always blackmailed me with it. Yesterday he even asked me to sleep with him as his last payment for keeping shut" Titi replied. Her mother full of furry opened the door that night headed for Ibro's room but met him just by the door where he was trying to eavesdrop. She pulled Ibro by the ear and slapped him so many times, at leader, she got who she could relieve her anger on. "Get into that gate house, pack your things and leave my premises now before I call the police for you" Titi's mum said to Ibro: "Wicked soul, opportunist!" She added.

Ibro did not wait for her to say "police" the second time and he quickly packed his scanty things and ran away for his dear life. He was even thankful he was given an option to go. He preferred to sleep in an uncompleted building rather than to sleep in police cell.

Aunty Kemi now reconciled with her daughter, restoring her daughter's dignity again. She reassured Titi of her love for her and asked her not to reduce herself to a slave ever again. "All I have is yours, I have no brother or sister and you are my only child. Why should you steal from yourself and suffer again?" Aunty Kemi said to Titi.

In like manner, so many children of God have made themselves toys in Satan's hands just because of a little resolvable misunderstanding they have with their father. God still love's you all the same. Arise and regain your sonship.

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