Verily verily I say unto you.. To be a northerner is very good.. To be a southerner is very very bad..

6 presidents are still recovering Abacha's loot. Babangida's oil windfall is not "auditable!". Yet EFCC is stuck on Patience Jonathan's bank accounts. Loosing 4 consecutive cases and 3 appeals on same account.. While the other ex first ladies catwalk the world with our loot..
It's just very bad to be a southerner in Nigeria.
TY Danjuma said Nigerian Army is complicit in the killings in Nigeria. Army sets up a panel of enquiry to look into it.
Nnamdi Kanu says the Nigerian government is complicit in the killings. Army sets up a python dance. Please that show of force and test driving of APCs that the army did in Umuahia, when will they test it at sambissa and Taraba?
To be a southerner is simply very bad..
Enyinnaya Abaribe logically proves that Muhammadu Buhari is grossly incompetent. The northern senator calls on him to apologize while the south senators watch like they ate beans cooked with sapele weed..
Northern senators baptize Goodluck Jonathan a "clueless drunk". Nigeria hails them.
To be a southerner in Nigeria is very bad.
Police declare Dino Melaye wanted yet guard and protect him in the same Kogi.

Police declare Chukwuma Innoson wanted and wage gestapo style arrest at his home, slapping his wife. Nigeria goes mute because..
It's very bad to be a southerner in Nigeria.
Alex Ekwueme's hospital bill is disrespectfully sang like a nursery rhyme but Buhari's bills remain sacrosanct for security reasons..
To be a southerner is indeed a genetic default..
Court frees Boko Haram fighters captured at fronts for want of evidence, orders compensations and amnesty be paid. Same court continually incarcerates IPOB members for peaceful protest and evidence remains one licensed den gun that has never fired a cartridge since its production.
The crime is to be born a southerner!
Boko Harams kidnap 215 in Chibok, 110 in Dapchi, kill 208 in Yobe. Fulanis are not kidnappers. One Evans kidnaps in Lagos. Igbos are kidnappers and rapist.
To be a southerner in Nigeria is just a sin.
Fuel is N210. Subsidy of N1.4trn paid in 3 months. Muhammadu Buhari is not corrupt. The buck does not stop at the president because he is not AWARE. When fuel was N97. Subsidy of N3.8trn paid over 6years. Jonathan is corrupt.. The buck stops at the omniscient Jonathan's table..
To be a president from the south is very bad.
Buhari single handedly approves N1.0bn in one month for his cronies as security vote and point at Libyans. Nigerians agree. Goodluck Jonathan evidently approves fund for the purchase of arms. All panels attest to these purchases. Yet Jonathan is a thief.
Like he didn't know that to be a southerner is a crime..
Dasukigate recipients, 92%north.
Discovered stolen funds, 76% north.
Oil well and government cronies, 83% north.
APC looters list 88% southerners..
It is just too bad to be a southerner and indeed very good to be a northerner because of PDP vs APC bigotry..
Happy weekend to southern Nigeria.. Northerners can go to Libya and collect their own!

Bishops Edwin

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