'While the Federal Government under my watch swung into action immediately after the abduction, the last administration looked the other way when the Chibok girls were abducted in 2014,' President Muhammadu Buhari said on Wednesday while in Yobe State.
He visited the state three weeks after some 110 girls were taking away from their school in Dapchi and met with the parents of the girls. 
While addressing them and some other persons that were at that meeting, he made the comment targeted at President Jonathan's administration
Jonathan had at that time failed to visit Chibok even when some Nigerians expected him to make the visit. 
But Senator Shehu Sani seems to have issues with President Buhari's statement and he voiced it in a comic statement. 
In a tweet on his Twitter handle, he blasted President Buhari giving him the character of a 'SuperMan'.
He wrote: "The SpiderMan who couldn’t protect Chibok is blasted by the SuperMan who couldn’t protect Dapchi from alien invasion".
This comment did not go down without Nigerians reacting to it. 
Most of them tackled the Senator and shifted attention to the huge amount the Senators earn as salary and allowance and why they should account for it with laws that should put an end to insecurity.