Premier League: Gary Neville Tells Managers Moving To Chelsea What To Expect

Former Manchester United player, Gary Neville, has said that anyone going to coach Chelsea should know that managers do not last long at the club.
He said this while blaming current Blues' manager, Antonio Conte for spending too much time whining this season.
Neville said Antonio Conte will be sacked.
Conte is going through a difficult season with Chelsea's defeat to Tottenham on Sunday effectively ending their hopes of Champions League qualification.
It's a remarkable decline in form, with Chelsea winning the title last season in what was Conte's first year in charge.
Conte's demeanour has led to questions about his future at Stamford Bridge.
And Neville said the Italian will be sacked.
He told Sky Sports, "It's just the nature of the job here. It's such that when you have a season slightly worse than before, you go.
"It ends up becoming a bit messy, press conferences become the boardroom versus manager, it's happened here many, many times.
"I think if he'd gone through this season, finished fifth and things had not quite gone for him, if they'd remained competitive, I would have said that's not such a problem.
"But it's the idea of complaining about the lack of support in the transfer market, saying the players they signed aren't quite as good as they should be, I don't like that.
"I think it's too easy for managers to say they aren't supported. I have to say, that's the only thing I have to say against Antonio Conte, the whinging in the press conferences.
"It has been a successful club over 10 or so years, but in the second seasons, it's never been great. In terms of the outcome, you can't complain about what they've done here.
"But the managers who come here know they've got a short period of time."

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