‘Our President is right Northern youths do not want to work’

President Buhari’s comment on Nigerian youths?
Our President is right to some extent. Obviously, some Northern youths do not want to work. Perhaps, the President was referring to the Northern youths. The onus is on Nigerian youths to determine their future by voting President Muhammadu Buhari out as Nigeria’s President *Waheed Kareem, Transporter 

He is trying to classify Nigerian youths according to his reasoning. The only way to prove him wrong is by using our Permanent Voters’ Card ,PVC, in the right way so that incoming leaders will mind their statements especially on sensitive issues. *Mr Emeka Okereke, Worker 

Nigerian youths are very hardworking. I think Mr. President needs God’s intervention to govern our dear nation . It is only through divine intervention that we can survive in this country. *Mr. Olabanji Arolejesu, Gospel Artist 

President Buhari outrightly goofed on this. He should show to us the “lazy Nigerian youths”, so that Nigerian youths will accept culpability of being lazy. We want to know the lazy youths in Nigeria. *Mr. Usman Kazeem, Youth Leader 

President Buhari’s statement is an insult to the largest wing of the Nigerian society. We haven’t forgotten how he once described us as indisciplined during his days in the military. He became President based on the massive support the same “lazy” youths gave him. With that statement, he is only reminding us to assist him pack his luggage out of Aso Rock in 2019. *Mr. Patrick Benjamin, Youth Leader 

If he truly said Nigerian youths are lazy, he is right to some extent depending on how he perceives the youths. One of the ills in this country is the high level of hardship unleashed on the people by our leaders. Some of the youths are graduates with no jobs. Some who are into businesses are battling with poor electricity and bad governance among other issues. The President does not know what an average Nigerian youth faces. Youths can only prove him wrong by being strong. *Oseni Abraham, Worker 

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