From the facebook wall of *Mohammad Abubakar Huntuwa on Gen. T. Y Danjuma's call for self defence:*

I am a strong Muslim (Ustaz, if you like). I am from Katsina State, but I am strongly in support of what Gen. T. Y Danjuma said to his people during the last convocation, Taraba State University, Jalingo (TASU). See, even in Islam there's room for self defence.

The truth of the matter is that, Fulani herdsmen have been killing people with impunity here and there, yet no any Islamic Cleric, body or organization came out to condemn or urge the Government to arrest, prosecute and or detain the killers.

No Muslim activist came out to condemn it either. The Government and every other relevant agencies are all silent over the issue. Instead, Miyetti Allah is issuing more threat to the well being of Nigeria and Nigerians, and Government is deaf silent about that.

Then, why should it be an offence when for someone of Gen T. Y Danjuma's status in his immediate community (who happened to have suffered the attack must) and the country at large say that people should be ready to defend themselves against the killer Fulanis?

Why should Islamic bodies and their supporters call for the prosecution of Gen. T. Y Danjuma for doing what is right by calling on his people to defend themselves?

Like I earlier said, and I'm repeating myself now, that, even in Islam, self defence is not a crime, people are allowed to defend themselves whenever Government fails to do so, thats even the very reason why the Emir of Kano, Dr. Sanusi Lamido Sanusi called on his subjects, the people of Kano to defend themselve, and no you know what? No Islamic body called for his prosecution then, why should they now call on that of Gen.  T. Y Danjuma? Is it because he is a Christian and from the middle belt Region?

We are all human beings created by Allah (one God) and so should be treated as such. In the same way, the life of every human being should be of great importance.


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