Emeka Ego! Maka Ego (Because of money)

Emeka the great, as popularly called among his mates has been caught in a web that he can not escape. This is a person that can brag of landed properties within and without the country, he also brags of having not less than 80billion naira in his reserve account, which he keeps for "in case of incasity" as he calls it.

Women both great and small, no one was not available when Emeka Ego wanted them! He was the most wanted bachelor, every girl fell at his feet except Chioma the church girl who turned his requests for sex and friendship over one thousand time; her morale made Emeka Ego vowed to make her his wife; "this is the kind of girl a man can keep at home' he said to himself. But now Emeka is being clubbed by small small boys who would not even dare to come near him before - He was forced to confess of his wicked deed!

He began to speak:

"Ebuluka has never asked for human sacrifice before o, I don't know what happened this time he demanded for one, not just that he demanded for human sacrifice but that he wanted me to marry and sacrifice my wife on my wedding night. I had no choice than to grant this request" Emeka said to the angry youths about to feed him to the vultures.

Emeka decided to grant the request of this god of money Ebuluka, but he wanted to be smart about it. He chose to make Chioma "the church girl" his wife but he can not sacrifice Chioma to Ebuluka since he desires greatly to get married and have a family and he knew what it cost him before he got Chioma and he did not know if he can ever find someone like her ever again. He decided to pause his marriage plans with Chioma and left town.

He went to another town where Chioma is not known to take a bride. On the wedding eve, he sacrificed her according to Ebuluka's request but Ebuluka is a selective god and do not accept anything less than what it wants. Although Emeka's new wife is dead, the spirit of Ebuluka still went ahead to attack the innocent church girl "Chioma", but could not harm her as she had lots of spiritual guidance around her.

After much struggle between the spirit of Ebuluka and Chioma's guiding angels, Ebuluka decided to go, but it would not go without taking an innocent soul with it. It decided to go hunt for Adaku.

Adaku was Emeka's fiancee before he met Chioma. He was settling for marrying Adaku but he had a problem, Adaku's father is a very powerful witch doctor, every one knew him. Since he was into shady things he would not want a power clash between Adaku's dad and himself. But when he came across Chioma, he was very satisfied " ndi church di harmless' (church people are harmless) he said to himself!

Now, since Ebuluka could not kill Chioma the quite innocent harmless church girl, he went for Adaku because he do not want to go without an innocent soul. The one Emeka gave him was defiled, it was not accepted. It struck Adaku and as she was struggling between life and death, her father came to her rescue but before he could do anything to save her life, she was already gone. He cried like a little child, it pained him that the enemy can successfully come into his territory and strike. He decided to launch a fight back.

He sent the spirit of his dead daughter in the form of sewage water and flies to fetch her killer. But unfortunately, Emeka was not in town as at that time, so the flies and sewage water waited for him to return

Emeka feeling fulfilled, left his sympathisers to return to his town. Some pitied a man who just lost his wife on their wedding eve and others blamed a girl for accepting to marry a man she do not know where he came from and her parents for giving their daughter in marriage to a man they did not care to know his background, just because he was wealthy. Whether they sympathised, or they blamed, it was not Emeka's concern because he was already in his home town, where he was well known as Emeka Ego, Emeka money and Emeka the great.

While he was receiving visitors after returning from his business trip which he spent over six months, and his precious bride to be - Chioma, a huge stench was perceived around him. Flies from everywhere filled his compound and everyone took off, including Chioma. Then was the father of Adaku coming with a mob of angry youths. They invaded Emeka's flies invaded house and dragged him out. Not even any of his security details could stop them because everyone ran away when the showers of flies invaded his house.

And that was how Emeka's end came. Emeka Ego, the money chopper, oh how he never knew that his end would come just when he was about to begin to enjoy life. But just before they would pour him fuel and set him ablaze, the police around got information and came for his rescue!

If you were Adaku's father, will you hand over Emeka to the police or would you prefer to handle Emeka personally and face the consequences?

"Emeka Ego, Maka Ego" is a concept of, and is first published by GG Gist Nigeria. Please no part of this story should be used in any form without proper consent of the Editor in chief GG Gist Nigeria. Can be contacted at greatgrace2020.gi@gmail.com

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