Charles Ogbu Wrote

One problem I have with this mentally truncated Bread Label certificate man called Muhammadu Buhari is that each time he wants to shake Table, he will leave all the strong strong Tables and go and be shaking the very wooden table that has his own blokos ontop of it.

How can a man who is yet to prove he has ordinary WAEC result go before the whole world to say that Nigerian youths are lazy and do not like going to school??

Which school im go?

Where is his WAEC???

Apart from 150 homosexual cows, what has this uncouth, uncultured, crude, primitive, arrogantly unteachable clown ever excelled in, to give him the moral right to describe Nigerian youths as lazy??

This is a man who got into the Army, not with his school result as was the rule then but with a mere Recommendation Letter given to him by his school headmaster. 

This is a man who was promoted in the army, not on merit but as a result of Quota system.

This is a man who has never really sweated for anything in life. All the positions he held before from Petroleum minister, PTF boss, former military administrator, head of state and now President were all as a result of the fact that he is a Fulani Muslim, not because he had either the intellectual wherewithal or any other qualifications required to run those posts.

If not for Quota system and the atrocious Master-Slave system we run here, would an intellectually-kwashiokored fellow like Buhari have made it to the position of even a village town-crier??

Anyway, I really don't blame him. Shebi if not for the 15 million "uneducated lazy" ones amongst us, this ethno-religious bigot would still be playing with his cows somewhere in Daura by now.

Anu mpama like him!


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