In his poem titled "The Casualties", John Pepper Clark clearly identified The Casualties as not only those who are dead for according to him, they (the dead) are well out of it.

Needless to say that the murderous govt of Muhammadu Buhari has recorded numberless casualties but like our Poet, JP Clark rightly opined, the casualties of the Buhari maladministration are not only the thousandS of Nigerians from Agatu, Nimbo, Southern Kaduna, Taraba etc, mowed down by the govt-protected Fulani militia. Those ones are well out of it.

The number one casualty of the Buhari administration is Muhammadu Buhari himself. Apart from shattering the Buhari myth, this atrocious govt has successfully exposed Buhari as nothing but a 16th century brained integrity-handicapped ethno-religious supremacist who is completely deaf, dumb and blind to the sanctity of non-Fulani lives.

Another high profile casualty of the Buhari tragedy is Bola Ahmed Tinubu: The Buhari govt has completely disrobed the ex-Lagos Chief security officer as a man driven solely by intestinal consideration rather than Patriotism. His much touted political wizardry has been exposed as one hell of a lie. See as Mallams just dey use am dey play table tennis. After using him to win the 2015 election and trashing him afterwards, they've now remembered him just when another election is around the corner but this time, they've finished him kpatakpata by making him an errand boy going from place to place reconciling aggrieved party members. What a job!!

Tinubu will go down in history not only as a man who fought to overthrow a tyrant (Abacha) from power only to foist an even deadlier tyrant on his people out of greed but equally as one who helped a dyed-in-the-wool Fulani irredentist complete the age long conquest dream of Uthman Danfodio.

No 3 man on this list is Prof Yemi Osinbajo: as a lawyer and Pastor, one would think Osinbajo would at least maintain some level of honesty and dedication to upholding the rule of law but for where? Our Prof. has since proven that when one is in power, the matters of the law and ways of God must wait for the matters of the stomach to be sorted out first. After Buhari clearly came out to admit that his appointments were lopsided, our Pastor Vice president came out few days ago to categorically state that there was no lopsidedness in Buhari's appointments. A case of a suspect admitting guilt and someone else denying the same guilt on behalf of the same suspect. Events so far have proven that our Pastor Vice President is as integrity-challenged as his Principal.

No4 is Father Mbaka a.k.a The Pigeon Priest: This one quickly unraveled when he publicly swore to resign as a Priest if the then Enugu state governor,  Chimaroke Nnamani, the one they call "Ebe Ano" won his second term election as governor. Nnamani would later win and even win another election to go to the Senate but our revered Priest, Mbaka, neither resigned as a Priest nor learnt some humility. He would later tell us that Jehovah God has chosen Buhari to be our Moses. Sad thing is, when Buhari turned out our Pharaoh as against Moses the young priest told us he would be, father Mbaka quickly conducted an unholy Referendum and had his tongue secede from his mouth.

Pastor Tunde Bakare: This one swore he would Save Nigeria or die trying.  He made Ojota Park his abode back then only that now that Nigeria is in dire need of being saved from the hands of Barbarians with zero respect to the Sanctity of life, Bakare no longer remembers Ojota Park. He now sits in the comfort of his Church and tells us how God wants him to be the President of Nigeria.

The Nigerian Intellectuals: This govt proves that those we regard as intellectuals are as intellectually malnourished as the average Sai-Baba chanting guy on the street of Kano or Enugu. The only difference being that the former have some near worthless paper gotten from some Academic centers somewhere in Europe or America but make no mistake, apart from their ability to arrange letters of the alphabet, their mental capacity to discern which is the primary characteristic of an educated person is lacking in them. That we have Buhari as President today is all the proof you need that these so called intellectuals are intellectual fraudsters whose pen direction is dictated by coins and gold.

The Nigerian Bar Association: with the way this govt choses which court order to obey or disobey and the ease with which the most basic right -right to life- of Nigerians are being violated by both state and non state actors with nothing but deafening silence from Nigerian lawyers, it is fair, reasonable and logical to assert that the NBA is just a group of men and women with an atrocious sense of direction.

Nigeria: more than anything/anyone else, this country is the biggest casualty of the calamity that is this govt. Muhammadu Buhari has clearly taken our fault line beyond its elastic limit. If one were to say things the way they are without burying truth in the cemetery of political correctness, one would state without fear of contradiction that this country will never remain the same after this gang of Night Walkers finish their evil mission.

More than anything else, the Buhari govt has clearly demonstrated that Nigeria was never one, is currently not one and will never be one. The #ScionsOfDanfodio and the rest of Nigerians are people of IRRECONCILABLE CIVILIZATIONS. Our worldviews are world apart. Any adult Nigerian who doesn't already know this probably doesn't know anything.

In the end, we are all casualties!

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