The Fraudulent Martin Luther King Award Buhari Fell For By Farooq Kperogi

After Bill Gates' in-your-face dissing of the Buhari government, Nigerian scam artists led by Abike Dabiri got some Black American hustlers from Atlanta to pose as close relatives of the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and present a fraudulent "Black History Award" to Buhari.

The photos of the "award" circulated on social media a few days ago with the following cutline: "Buhari wins Black History Award. The Award was presented to him in Abuja by the Family of Martin Luther King led by Luther's Wife. Martin Luther King's Wife said PMB won this award because of America's recognition of his ANTICORRUPTION war, urging him not to be deterred." HAHAHAHA!!!

First, Coretta King, Martin Luther King's wife, died on January 30, 2006. I know Buhari gives appointments to dead people, but in America dead people don't give awards. Second, Black History is celebrated in February, not March, in America and Canada. Finally, the King family has dissociated itself from the award (see screenshot of the tweet from the King Center below). The extent  the Buhari government is prepared to go to court embarrassment and ridicule Nigeria in its bid to lie in order to conceal its crying incompetence is simply astounding.

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