In 1999, PDP met nothing except a pariah nation. The Party met monumental corruption including the money that the Abacha family is still returning today.

They met an economy without the likes of MTN, Airtel, Glo, Etislat, Dangote Cement, NIPP, Shoprite, privatized NEPA and many more. There were no agencies like ICPC, EFCC, to fight corruption. No regulatory agencies like NERC, NCC, PPPRA etc,. No due process or procurement Act, no UBE Act and many other laws. No Communication satellites, and many other creations of the PDP.

An eldorado Nigeria was not handed over to PDP. In fact, there were no card readers to conduct elections until the PDP brought them into our electoral system.

This party did not waste time blaming the past military regime, rather they kicked the ground running with institutions and agencies of government to strengthen our democracy and the republic. They never claimed to be a perfect political party and never sound holy and sanctimonious. In fact no one was indispensable in PDP, the party leadership was changed from time to time, Heads of institutions were not left out as the party proved to Nigerians that no one was indispensable.

The party never gave Nigerians the posture that it was a perfect political party, but we all saw her making efforts to ensure that every part of Nigeria enjoys the dividend of democracy. In PDP everyone has hope as long as you are hardworking and loyal to the ideals of the party. Nobodies became some bodies in PDP. The party even gave her presidential platform to a man from the minority tribe of the south south to lead Nigeria.

When PDP lost presidential election, for the first time in Nigeria and in Africa, the incumbent called the winner to congratulate him and pledge loyalty to support him anytime he is called upon, and handed over power peacefully.

PDP gave Nigerians hope that their democracy is protected with strong institutions. The party always listen to Nigerians to reverse some of her decisions.

PDP however also suffered from corruption. When people talk about corruption, we all know that it did not start with PDP and did not end with PDP. Many Nigerians and Africans are corrupt irrespective of religious or political affiliations. PDP did something about corruption. She instituted anti-corruption agencies to fight the menace of corruption. Many lost their exalted offices and many were jailed but corruption was never killed because it fought back powerfully and almost destroyed the party but could not. Today PDP is the only party in Nigeria that have survived the trouble waters of our democracy since 1999 without changing name or logo.

The party did not make any of her leader to look like a god that is indispensable. Many PDP leaders tried to manipulate the system to their favor but all failed and were fade away. Many legislators, governors and ministers left power and were forgotten but the power remained in the hands of the people.

Can APC do better?
 I therefore charge APC to bring up at least a single innovation of this kind to bring about a better Nigeria. What's the future of Nigeria under APC. What's the future of APC without Buhari because there seems to be more buharists than APCists.

One thing I know is that APC has a lot to learn from PDP both in her successes and failures.

PDP failed the day they began to play politics with the economy and security of lives and property of Nigeria. APC must learn from that.

The Nigeria of today can do without any political party or individuals. We have known the value and power of our PVC, and we will use it to direct our politics to our favor. For APC to survive, I strongly advise she take the issue of economy and security seriously.

God bless Nigeria.

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