Dr Janet Christopher,A psychologist speaks on Governor Elrufai
"I used to see Governor Nasiru Elrufai as a brilliant and hardworking young man.I used to site him as a role model for my students.Everywhere I go I use him as a good example of dynamic leadership and intelligence in Politics and Governance.The events in the last few days has seriously eroded my belief and confidence in this man.
I used to think that all that was negatively said about him was purely acts of mischief and sabotage.I couldn't believe my eyes when i saw the building he admittedly demolished belonging to a political opponent,a senator.I called a kaduna based journalist to confirm the story and he said its true.I also learnt that he also filled  a suit against another senator who was criticizing him.
I was again shocked to learn that The Governor sent about five Kaduna based Journalist to prison in the last two years for writing stories critical of him.The person I asked told me the name of one Luka Biniyat,Midat Joseph,Austin Jacob,Gabriel Idibia as some of the Journalists he detained.
I also learnt that the Governor directed the kaduna state university to suspend a lecturer Dr John Danfulani and prosecute him for criticizing the Governor.I was told of his bad relationship with Christians in Southern Kaduna and how he unjustly treat them. Recently I came across an audio of an Islamic scholar one Shekh Khalil who said so many bad things about the Governor. I dismissed the Cleric points before but now I can understand.
I read of the worsening relationship between The Governor and Labour leaders in the state.Even one Labour leader revealed that the very Elrufai I so much admire empowered and thugs to hunt down political enemies.Im devastated and disappointed.I thought I know him but now I don't.Our country cannot do with this kind of leaders who cannot tolerate others in a democratic society.Elrufai is pure evil. This kind of people cannot be trusted with any national leadership.

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