Elder Lere Olayinka Wrote

Let us ask question about Kano 1.8m votes again

Remember that the Presidential Election and National Assembly Elections took place the same day and same time. Ballot papers were issued, thumprinted and returned to the BALLOT BOXES at the same time.

About 800,000 votes recorded for National Assembly while the Presidential Election had over 1.8 million votes!

How come? Was it that over ONE MILLION people voted in the Presidential Election and refused to collect the BALLOT PAPERS for the National Assembly elections?

Now you can begin to imagine why the Kano State INEC REC and his entire family had to be wiped off in the most brutal manner.

May God save Nigeria from wicked Nigerians.

My name is Lere Olayinka, I have brain and I am using it. You can also begin to use your own brain if you have.

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