Did Yusuf Buhari Die?

Is Yusuf Buhari dead or alive? This question and the huge rumour that followed it alarmed Nigerians and spread like wild fire. Keep reading the to learn about the state of the president’s heir!
Is Yusuf Buhari dead?
The alarming news of Yusuf Buhari death created a real stir on the Internet. Some have already hastened to express compassion to President Buhari not understanding what the truth and lies are. Let’s look at this situation from the very beginning.
It is worth recalling that Yusuf Buhari had a motorcycle accident on December 26. The media reported that the president’s son had been flown to Germany for treatment. Before that, he was in a Cedarcrest Hospital.
The transportation could not be carried out immediately since Buhari Jr. suffered fairly severe brain damage. Together with Yusuf, his mother and sister, the personal doctor of the first lady and several other assistants, at last, traveled to Germany in January.

Since then, Nigerians have not received any reports on the health condition of the president’s son. Surely this silence caused anxiety and guesses about Yusuf’s death. When people do not know something, they tend to assume the worst. As a result, panic turned out to be, mildly speaking, exaggeration. The rumor was so strong, that the president had to send his representative to tell the people the truth.
The situation was commented on by Lauretta Onochie, Special Assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari. She urged people to ignore these rumors and called them fake. In fact, Yusuf is still among the living. Here is her verbatim quote:
“The news making the rounds regarding Yusuf Buhari, son of Pres. Buhari & Aisha Buhari, is Fake. He is very alive, to their shame.”
It’s nice to know that these guesses were not confirmed. Yusuf is the only son among Buhari children, so it is obvious that the state of Yusuf’s health would be especially important to the president. Let us wish him a quick recovery and strong health.

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