Charles Ogbu Wrote

There is something fundamentally beautiful about the Ekiti state governor, Ayodele Peter Fayose (The Rock)  He has a unique way of looking the Caliphate in the face and telling them, "Go-To-Hell" in a way that makes them look forward to the journey.

Something as common as your dressing can be converted into a weapon of mass destruction against your enemies even while you still appear so friendly in a mutual game of Taqiyya.

Here in this photo, he (Fayose) deliberately wore an Igbo attire (Isi-agu) complete with the Igbo red cap to the Council of State meeting knowing so well that Buhari and his fellow dyed-in-the-wool fulani supremacists in govt harbor a generational hatred for anything Igbo.

Ironically, the "Iweta nke a irie m ego" governor of the Statue state of Imo, an Igbo state, came to the same meeting all dressed like a typical Arewa man. Look at him looking at Fayose and smiling like a school boy who just had his first kiss.

 In the 2nd photo, knowing how much Muslims all over the world, especially the ever intolerant Northern Muslims, hate the Jews, the same Governor Fayose deliberately wore a Jewish Rabbi cap to welcome the leader of the Nigerian Muslims and the head of the Caliphate, the Sultan of Sokoto himself.

You see, I have always agreed with the Kenyan author of "Weep Not, Child", Ngugi James Wa Thiongo: Both slavery and freedom are all in the mind.

Even if you are a slave living with your master, until your mind is conquered, you are not really a slave in the real sense of the word.

If you closely follow the activities of governor Fayose with regards to how he's been standing up to the ethno-religious supremacist agenda of the #ScionsOfDanfodio, you would realize that if we had up to 4 southern governors with his kind of "liver", less than 9 million Fulanis would not be using the over 190 million of us to practice Russian Roulette as they are currently doing.

Governor Ortom is another governor I see trying so well to borrow himself some liver. He has PUBLICLY accused the Buhari led govt of complicity in the fulani genocide. He has called out the fulani police IG and the fulani Defense minister.

In the end, the Arewa North might just be forced to learn that the rest of us are no children of a lesser god.

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