Should women propose?

One act that has gone viral in these days is the act of women proposing marriage to men. Recently, a girl at Lagos state Nigeria proposed to her boyfriend, he whispered "I am already married" into her ears and ran away leaving the girl heart broken. Even if the guy was not married, is it right for a lady to propose?

This question will answer itself if we first of all understand what marriage is and the purpose for marriage. Those who think marriage is only for the purpose of sex alone are those who will see nothing wrong in a woman proposing to a man; that is why people think "sex dolls" can take the place of women in their lives.

Why marriage?

Marriage is for the purpose of "purpose fulfilment" not just for "sex" alone; that is why it is very suicidal to marry a person who has no relevance in your life and whose life you contribute nothing! There are responsibilities that comes with marriage and in marriage the man is the head, like it or not!

No organisation/institution succeeds without a head not even the institution of marriage, likewise, no organisation/institution succeeds having two heads equal in authority - only a monster has more than one head. Therefore the need for a head, a final authority in every marriage - the man: like it or not. If you like to be a boss lady, don't get married. You can still please God being single so long as you keep your body from sexual impurities!

Since it has been established that marriage is for the purpose of "purpose fulfilment" and that the head of every proper marriage is the man, it is therefore reasonable to say that the major responsibility of keeping a marital union lies on the neck of the man -  financial, emotional, social etc responsibilities! That is why a man can tell a woman "marry me" but it is awkward for a woman to say "marry me".

The statement "marry me" means I want to take you into my house so you can be mine and relevant/useful to me, I will take care of you, I will protect you, I will be a cover to you etc. How then can a woman tell a man "marry me"? It is even fairer to say "I desire to marry you" "will you let me marry you?" "I love you so much that i want to be there for you and with you, and help you achieve your dreams!" But even if, how sure are you that the person you desire to go under can or is ready to be a "cover" to you? How sure are you that he is ready financially, emotionally and otherwise to carry the responsibilities of marriage?

It is out of order for a woman to propose marriage to a man. The most awkward sight is a woman pitting ring into the finger of a man! When do men start wearing engagement ring? My sister, if you love a man so much, take it to God in prayers let Him touch his heart and prepare him but don't take that risk of proposing to him. If he has not proposed it either means he is not ready yet for marriage or that he has not seen you qualified to be his wife. It is even easier for a maritally unprepared woman to marry a prepared man than for a maritally ready woman to marry an unprepared man, since all women have to do is "submit" and be "coordinated".

What do you think, Is it OK if a girl proposes marriage to a man? Leave your comments below.

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