Legacy can be defined as anything left to the next generation. It can be viewed also as a way in which we can outlive our natural lives. Only men who live purposefully can leave a legacy. It baffles me when I see young men today idle away watching seasonal films. Some spend more time watching football matches than the time they spend on improving themselves. Some spend money on their children without giving them any meaningful legacy. 
A story was told of Jonathan Edwards who got married in 1727. He was a famous preacher in his time. One of his famous messages is titled "Sinners in The Hand of An Angry God". This man took time to spend at least one hour with his eleven children per day as long as he was at home. He teaches them and listens to their questions. He also prayed for them. Several years later a study was made to discover what his generation looks like. 1,400 of his generation was tracked down. It will amaze you what came out of the loins of this great man.
He produced 285 college graduates, 300 preachers, 13 college presidents, 65 college professors, 100 lawyers and the dean of a law school, 30 judges- local, state and federal, 56 physicians and the head of a medical school. He also produced 80 holders of public office, 3 United States Senators, 1 Vice President of the United States, 1 Comptroller of the United States Treasury. The list is endless.
What legacy did your parents leave for you? What do you intend to leave for your children? Many people who spent all their lives leaving only money for their children don't have stories to share today. Their children and family names are lost already.
Whatever you want to leave behind will shapen how you live your life today. Live positive! Stay positive!

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