We always have aspirations. We have visions of what we will like to become or what we want to achieve within a specific period. Several times, people have set visions for themselves and in the process of achieving their vision; they lose focus mostly as a result of the several issues surrounding them. Most of the time, they get discouraged due to many factors. We’ve had a number of people drop out from school as a result of lack of school fees. Some give up in their places of work due to one very wrong colleague or boss.
On the other hand, some give up their dreams because of the various distractions they have on the way. Child of God, God has sent me to tell you not to stop. Keep going! Keep moving don’t stop.
Abraham was called to go to a land God would show him in Genesis 12:!. When he set up on his journey, God did not tell him he would meet famine. God did not tell him also that men would admire his wife for him to be prepared. God did not tell him also that his dear Lot will be taken into captivity from him that he would go to war against kings. He was asked to go to the Land God would show him. In Hebrews 11:15, the bible tells us that if he had been missing the pleasures of the land from which God called him when he met with obstacles, he would have had opportunity to return. He kept going and today, we know the results.
Joseph on the other hand dreamt of being a king. He never saw himself as a slave let alone a prisoner. He never imagined that he would ever leave his aged father to an unknown land for any reason. When he met with his obstacles he did not lose heart in the God of his fathers. Instead, his allegiance to the God of his father earned him a place in the prison. He held on and today we know how Joseph ended.
David was another man who pressed on not minding the obstacles on his way. He saw a throne when Samuel anointed him to be the next king of Israel. Instead of going straight to the throne, he spent the next 12 years of his life hiding in caves and running for his life and even when he became king, he was king only for two tribes for another seven and the half years. He was never in a hurry in bringing God’s promises to pass. Also, he never lose heart in God. He continued to put his trust in God until he reached the destination.
Child of God, you must be aware that whatever thing you are going through today is a making process of the king you are to become in future. Gold passes through fire to become what it is. Don’t turn back! Keep going. Go through the fire, you cannot get burnt. Go through the waters there is dry land ahead. Keep holding on. Don’t lose heart in God. He has and will never abandon you. Let’s meet at the top!

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