My Better Half (EPISODE 3)


While Pastor Tony felt a little lightened, Bishop now told him the main reason he came. He said he would love the presence of Rose his younger sister and his mother; Pastor Tony had to stand up and go get them. Mama Tony sat on sat on the other visitor’s seat while Rose went to get a stool from the kitchen. They were all seated when Bishop began to speak. He said Tony’s younger sister sent him a mail the previous week telling him that pastor Tony is involved in a romantic relationship with the choir mistress of him church – Amaka.

Meanwhile, two weeks ago Pastor Tony had a huge fight with his younger sister, to the extent that he had to pull her out from the bathroom where she was taking her bath and gave her the beating of her life until some neighbors came in to separate them. She went to him that early Teusday mornig, asking to speak with him. He gave her audience and she began to put it straight to him that he has confirmed her suspicion of him and sis Amaka’s romantic affair. She accused him of abandoning his wife in the hospital and going after his church’s girls. He was shocked to hear that because he did not see it coming, he wanted to start beating her immediately but he managed to calm himself down and asked her how she came up with such conclusion. She said she had noticed he became so close to Amaka and she does not understand the reason she works in the church as if she is the Pastor’s wife. She also alleged that Pastor Tony would not go for any program without taking Amaka along. Pastor Tony discarded her allegations and told her that they were false and mere assumptions, but Amaka began to raise her voice so he asked her to get out of his room. She got out but continued to murmur while doing her house chores to the extent that Pastor Tony could not control himself any longer but dragged her out of the bathroom while she was taking her bathe and gave her the beating of her life, save for the intervention of neighbors.

Bishop now asked Pastor Tony what he has to say about this allegation.
Pastor Tony became week, as he did not know that his sister went ahead to report the issue to Bishop even after he went and apologized to her later that morning and begged her not to take the matter out. He maintained to Bishop what he told his sister that day, that the allegation is false and a mere assumption. He added that Bishop should please ask Rose his sister what she means because he still do not understand what she was talking about.

Bishop then asked Rose to tell them all what she sent to his mail.

Rose now began to narrate how Pastor Tony would not go for any program without Amaka and how she heard him one night praying very fervently for Amaka. She said what pains her most is the way her brother speaks of Amaka like she is the only female in his church and the way he defended her the last time she went to talk to him about the issue. She said “he asked me to get out of his sight that I talk like someone without sense. I angrily left his sight and had no option than to murmur while doing my chores that morning. He even told me that if he heard me say anything about it again that he would beat the hell out of me. While taking my bath, the thought of my aunty came to me and I began to cry because I know my aunty has never done anything wrong to my brother. I never knew men are all the same, I was thinking the Spirit filled ones are different. My brother now opened the bathroom door, brought me out naked and beat me up. Daddy my brother beat me up because of Amaka while his wife is dying in the hospital. Why will he be this defensive of Amaka if he is innocent?  Daddy is he not shameless?”

Immediately Bishop cut it;
“Rose it’s enough, you have spoken a lot of things; Tony what do you have to say about this?”

Pastor Tony’s reply was as he earlier maintained: “Amaka is my choir mistress, I don’t take her for programs I take my music team. Amaka is not the only female in my music team; I don’t know why Rose picked out only Amaka. Amaka is a committed church member quite all right but she is not the only committed church member. The day my sister said she heard me praying for Amaka was the night I had a terrible dream. In that dream my entire music team was kidnapped on their way back from one of the programs we had every other person was released the next day except Amaka and three days later we saw her dead body in a dustbin”.

Immediately, Rose his younger sister cut in.
“You see, Mummy (motioning to her mum), Bishop sir (motioning to Bishop Fred); he is dreaming about Amaka. His wife has been hospitalized for almost four months now, he can’t dream about her! Shameless man! Seeing vision for others but cannot see for himself”.

It was at this point that mama Tony spoke. ”Shut up your mouth” she said to Rose “how can you be so carnal in your thoughts? And how comes the both of you did not tell me about this? I’m so ashamed of both of you. You want to wash your dirty linen outside abi? You want to disgrace me?” she added.

At this point Pastor Tony was so weak to his bones; he felt satan has coocked a gang up against him: first, his wife’s health’s condition that is tearing him apart, now this! There was a little silence for about 10 to 20 seconds till Bishop broke the silence.

“Em, mama, I don’t think it has come to that yet; that is why I have come. I have been a part of this family for more than 12 years now so I am not an outsider and I believe we can solve the problem here and now so that it doesn’t escalate more than it already has”. Bishop said.

Pastor Tony pleaded with his mum and let them know that the reason he did not let her know was because he pleaded with his sister later that morning and she said she had forgiven him, he added that they even went to the hospital later that day together. He never knew that she went ahead to report the matter to Bishop.

By that time mama Tony was already soaked in tears she began to lament, she said she was so disappointed in Rose and how she has refused to give her life to Christ and be spiritual for once in her life. She said:
“Rose you have refused to give your life to Christ that is why you think everyone is worldly like you. (As she spoke, she moved closer to Rose and began to beat her) You this girl, you have given yourself to Satan to be his handiwork! You this girl, you will not kill me!”

Bishop and Pastor Tony had to quickly save Rose from Mama’s hands, then bishop asked the both of them to excuse him and Pastor Tony that he will like to speak to him in private.

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