See video of demolition of house and properties of notorious kidnapping kingpin in Kogi state.

This is the house of the ring leader of notorious kidnapping kingpins in Kogi state of Nigeria. This is where ransoms are brought and victims are kept blindfolded. Guns and ammunitions were found in this house.

After confirming ransom, victims are taken up a hill close to the house for final lap of trekking to where they can be found.

The Governor of Kogi state earlier said that any house confirmed to harbour criminals will come down.

Alhaji Tijanni Bakare, the owner of this house has confessed to being the ring leader of a gang which has terrorised Kogites and travelers along the state.

The Anti Kidnapping, Robbery and Terrorism Law was passed by the State House of Assembly and assented to by Former Governor Idris Wada.
Governor Bello warns Kogites harbouring criminals or even unsure of the source of income of their tenants who live large should take this as a warning. Any house where arms and ammunitions are recovered will be brought down.

This house and the properties in it were brought down to satisfy the Anti - Kidnapping, Robbery and Terrorism Law of the Kogi state government

Do you think the state government made a right decision? Couldn't these properties be sold and the money returned to the state treasury! What do you think? Drop your comments!

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