Everyone desires to get financially free and this has made lot of people go many lengths both legitimately and illegitimately to achieve their dreams. It is good to make clean money after-all, the bible did not say money is evil, what is evil is the love of it; and it is the love of it that has driven so many people into all sorts of illegitimate and fraudulent businesses both in the internet (online) and off the internet. In as much as there are greedy people online and offline trying to collect everything you earn by all means, there are also good and legitimate businesses online and offline that sometimes might look fraudulent; therefore the need for this article. People have missed opportunities of a lifetime because of too much and unnecessary fear and call it being cautious.

There are different kinds of financial fraud but the most common is internet fraud and lots of people including ndiocha still fall for it daily. The era of “your account is blocked due to incomplete BVN registration” is gradually coming to an end even though some idiots (learners) still waste their credits using this method. Daily they crack their brains coming up with new ideas to steal from people but one thing for sure is that their ways are always identical

No one wants to fall into the hands of these fraudulent people, even they themselves will not like to fall into the hands of fellow fraudulent people therefore the need for caution when going into trades and agreements. Below are ways to identify fake and fraudulent deals popularly known as 419. When a deal you want to go into falls into any of these categories, be careful to release your money because it might be fraud; but if it falls into all of these categories abeg, ogbeni, run as fast as your legs can carry you, 419 wan chop you mugu!


419ers go through a lot to come up with smart and intelligent ideas to take money out from your hands so don’t expect them to come to you with a business of N500, N1000, N3000 or even N5000; this is because they don’t expect to do business with you another day so they want to take as much as they can take from you. They call money in hundreds of thousand, millions, billions and even trillions.

So next time a friend walk up to you with a leveraging or networking business and you can do it, give it a try or require to be put through; it might be a business you will forever be grateful for. Even if it fails, it might be for certain reasons but definitely not because it was 419, no legitimate business person will want to deprive you your satisfaction even though they want to make gain because they want to keep doing business with you, they want to do business with you again and again; granting your and their satisfaction. Every legitimate business is aimed at granting a level of pleasure and satisfaction at both ends (buyer and seller, investor and investee) at the end of the day.

There are certain amounts that when they leave your hands will not cause you to lose sleep, please don’t be afraid to invest them.

They give you impossible offers like invest N1 to earn N100 in 24hrs or buy a bag of cement for N700 or buy a piece of land at Lagos V.I. for N200K, customs impound cars from 70K, creates of medium size eggs for N400 etc, and make you thank them for such lucky offers you have come by.

They will even tell you that they don’t do this kind of business just that they saw your picture on Facebook and a voice spoke to them from heaven saying “son, help this my child in need”.

Their offers are mind blowing but the funny thing is they will not sell one piece to you because they can’t come out of a deal taking from you an amount they know won’t cost you anything since they don’t expect to do another business with you because for sure you won’t do business again with a person that ran away with your money the first time and has not returned it no matter how small, except if those wey dey hold meeting on top your case for village don swear to withhold your sense forever or except the 419er operates with high level of manipulation.

They give you mind blowing offers and let you know how much gain you will make if you do business with them, they will wake up the greedy person in you and make you believe you are even privileged to have crossed paths with them. They can never succeed over you if they have not aroused your greed; the more greed they are able to arouse is the more money you will part with. People who part with all their money exhausted all the greed they can lay hold on. So the moment you begin to notice any arousal of greed in a transaction you want to go into, please look for any MOPOL around to slap your sense back to reset.

The primary, secondary and tertiary goal of 419ers is the money in your pocket, they don’t care about you, and they are very selfish and heartless. Be careful when you respond to job vacancies, when they tell you to pay certain sums to get certain jobs. No legitimate employer will ask you to pay money before they give you job; they can sell application forms but of cause, the price of the application forms will tell you if it is real or another 419 tactics. Ha a! you ma self! How do you think person that has the power to give you job will tell you pay him/her first? Use your sense na! pata pata if the person has the power to get you a job and wants to make profit from it thereby wickeding you, the highest thing he/she will say is for you to share your salary in some percentages with them or give them money when you have been paid or give them your first or first three months salary, etc; then you will use your teeth to count your tongue if you can really cope with that job, working for two! That’s not 419 that is wickedness.

If you want to buy anything, please, abeg, see it, touch it, feel it, hold it and make sure you have had it before you release your money. So if you see someone advertising his/her goods and offers pay on delivery, why are you afraid it could be 419? Ehe! Bring the stuff come my address, in a public place where people can see me and you, then I collect it and give you your money and me and you are happy; abi no be so? Except you are buying from trusted sites: these trusted sites did not become trusted over night, they have completed more than a thousand orders with integrity before so people can trust them with their money and card details. I will not list any trusted site here because nobody pay me money to do advert for them!

If you are an upcoming business person look for someone that will help you do delivery in a place you can’t go to. Don’t ask anybody to pay you before you release your goods so that you will not be called a 419; Konga and Jumia them got the trust of people through this

If you want to buy something like land, get a lawyer involved. A good lawyer wey no go law school to go pack san san will be able to identify an element of fraud in a transaction. Call 09021001516 if you need the service of a good lawyer #winks! Because some can show you a car or land physically take you there and you see it finish, step in it match am well well, tell you that they need to sell the land cheaply and urgently because of their dying sick daughters father in the hospital, and at the end of the day it happens to be that it is not theirs, that is, If you are even lucky to see them one on one. For online scams you won’t even see the people and there’s no one to sue.

Whenever you are under serious pressure to sign a document please don’t sign it. Whenever you are under pressure to pay a sum, please hold on for a while and make certain enquires. If possible involve the police and get a lawyer. They always pressurize you so that you would have paid the money before you knew you were interested in a deal.

This is a campaign against 419! I no be EFCC but I hate fraud. I believe everyone can make money the right way whether online or offline. God punish 419 people no be swear, na prophecy! God will surely punish them except they repent and restitute. Share this post if you hate 419! Share this post if you believe you go hammer correct hammer!

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