Meet Debbie Nwangwa a woman from Liverpool who quit her well paying job to start her own business. She is a Top manager at Forever Living Company, she works for herself and help people earn additional income flexibly meet her on Facebook https://web.facebook.com/debnwangwa1.

It is good to work for yourself and earn as much as you can work isn't it? We have heard stories of people who have left their jobs to work for themselves or who have rejected "great" offers to build their own dreams - offers an average Nigerian will grab with both hands and give testimony in Church for breakthroughs and open doors. A well paying job is good but being a successful entrepreneur is better and waiting for a well paying job before you start earning is a disaster.

Meet Nigerian Chris Kwekowe who rejected a job from world's renowned Bill Gate in order to build his dream. What are you going to school for? To finish and become an unemployed raising curses on the government daily for not proving a job for you? What are you living for?


For more information on how to become an independent business owner at Forever Living and become financially stable like Debbie and others send an email to giantjoy22@gmail.com. also email us if you need good business ideas that will keep you smiling to the bank all the time instead of waiting for the day Tuface will go for his rally and Buhari will begin to give Jobs! lol!

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