From the recent attack of Fulani herdsmen in Enugu state where many are feared dead, many unanswered questions have been made by the good people of the state, questions like; How comes the government of the land could not protect their people? Why can't Ndigbos retaliate? What is the presidency saying concerning all these Fulani attacks? Why exactly are the Fulani attacking? And so on. A recent Facebook update of one Mr. Chime Enoch tends to give answers to some of these questions although I can not ascertain the degree of accuracy of his claims even though sha, no smoke without fire; there is an atom of truth in every rumor! From his post, it looked like the governor of the state got an information about the attack and tried to intervene in the situation in order to prevent the attack but his efforts were frustrated by the police, army and the presidency. In his report he said: "There was a call made by Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi to the president, he was put on hold for over an hour 15 minutes. This call was made in the presence of 13 men and 4 women, the president aid told the Governor that the president will get back to him. The president through his aid after 4 hrs told Enugu state governor that the president will do something about it. My relative was among the people who witness this call. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi on hearing that the police have not arrived at Uzouwani called GOC 82 division for help. He was refereed to the presidency again. This time around, he was put on hold for nearly 2 hrs again, while waiting to speak to the president. News came in that the attack he was planning to prevent has actually taken place. Within an hour, the commissioner and GOC who refereed the Governor to the president has mobilised their men to stop retaliation. The same way Lagos and Agatu was attacked and retaliation prevented". It is actually very painful that strangers will invade cities and destroy lives and properties just like that without anything done to them and it is more painful to be killed by strangers in the comfort of your own land. I personally do not know why the force will need an approval from the presidency before they protect lives and properties and I personally do not know why they got permission to prevent a retaliation but could not get permission to prevent the act. Will Fulani herdsmen keep on invading any part of Nigeria as they like? It looks like they are the true Nigerians and every other person is a cow! Anyway sha! Thank God for social media, me and Englishman do not need presidential permission to press our keyboard!

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